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September 30, 2009
By sexyflakiss BRONZE, Austin, Texas
sexyflakiss BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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My name is veronica I was born in Duarte, california. I lived there with my family. I enjoyed living there for almost all my life. I lived there for twelve years. That was my home .Me and my family miss that place.I love living there but now I’m in a different place.

I’m going to start with me moving to a different state called its really hot over there. When I moved there it was like wow its more different then california because they have lakes over here and in california they don’t. It’s really different in a lot of ways like the schools and the malls. The malls are not that big the people are nice. It’s expensive over there and in california it’s cheap.

I really don’t like moving a lot because of my friends and family I have over there. Now it’s a different and distant life I have now because california and phx,az are so not alike. I wish I hadn’t moved from where I was born, moving is like traveling from place to place. I could really say it wasn’t good at all for me or my family.

Until now, it’s been so far good cause we moved to a different place called Austin, TX. I think its better over here because its not a lot of trouble then in phoenix,az. They have good teachers and the districts.Atleast it aint that hot then phx,az . My family and me are comfortable that we aint going back to phoenix, az. My mom says she wont go back to california either she said now I don’t wanna move because she don’t wanna travel from place to place.

Lastly, I finished telling you I moved a lot and that is really a lot for me. I would be tired moving again but now no more moving for me and my family yup.I could now really think we could stop moving from place to place its better I wanna see my friends and teachers.Its so better for me and my family its jus hard cause I miss my family over there so much and a lot. That’s all I could tell you about me and my family. Also the traditions we be having.

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