american dream

September 30, 2009
By Anonymous

Remembering the first time I came to America, I was 5 years old well
Yea I remember so little about it. It was a cold and rainy day not knowing what was going on, mom and dad getting happy and my grandma crying saying with tears on her face “ te voy a extrañar mijo” latter that day my uncle, be safe and I win be over at los estados unidos.
Getting ready to leave to to the place people call the American dream. Mom packing up my stuff. My mom and dad both with a smile in there face, and them telling me don’t worry everything is going to be fine.
Living and heading to Laredo my uncle told me “mijo eat this.” It was a sleeping pill, I know it was a sleeping pill because as soon as I took it I blacked out.
Next day I woke up in a room and in a bed when my uncle came in the room and said do you need something I said “no but were are we” he said mijo estas en los estados unidos.
This change me because I learn how to be alone and coming to the united states really changed me buy getting a better job and a education.

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