September 30, 2009
By KSG1217 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
KSG1217 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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I can still remember that day, I was eleven sooner or later going on twelve, I was in the grade of 6th and in my art class laughing and giggling with my friends, when I got called to the office. I seen a lady standing there that I didn’t know of, that was the day my life changed, that’s how I became the person I am now.

I was so scared that day, she told me it wouldn’t take me long she just wanted to talk to me. Well instead of being talked to I found myself in tears asking why is this happening to me! I sooner found out that I was going into DHS custody, and DHS means department of human services, meaning (foster care). All I remember is that I was sitting in a place that I didn’t want to be. I couldn’t stop crying, my eyes felt like potato sacks because they were so swollen, my legs & hands shook, my cheeks was soaked, and I was just scared out my mind.

I was in the shelter for a while so I started to get use to begin in there, I was in there for like a month. There was kids there of all ages with all different reason. Some needed help & some homeless, some just got taken for no reason…like me. The shelter had three different buildings (big house, middle house, and small house) all the color of tan. I ended up having my 12th birthday in the shelter, almost Christmas as well. The best part about being there is that you can make a Christmas list & get everything on it, also I got to see my little brothers & sis from now and then, but I hated visiting my littlest brother who is now 5, because he always started crying and that made me cry.

I still remember my first foster parents (Mr. & Mrs. Deville), oh my gosh they were mean at times but I enjoyed my laughter with them. And my foster little bro & sis was also cool. They was the closest to friends I had when I was there for the short period of time. I spent Christmas there and my whole 6th grade year there. It was horrible with out my mom, I cried every time I talked to my mom and dad. We did get to see each other through visitation, but it was a long time before we got that, and when we did visit with each other my mom would walk down the long white hall to the front of the building crying. I loved the smell of my mom’s perfume, so when she gave me a brown valentines bear with a heart and rose in its hand that scent was on it and it made me cry. After going into two foster homes, I finally got released to go home to my real family. It was the best day of my life, I was so happy that, that horrible year was over. I said good-bye to my uncomfortable feelings and hello to freedom.
If there’s one thing I learned from this terror in my life is that, no matter what I go through or how many rocks that get thrown at me, is to stand as tall as I possibly can and even with tears running down my face, I will cry on the inside to show no weakness to those who tried to tear me down. So I’m very caring & strong & loving because when people try to tell me who I am, or make me who I’m not, I just completely prove them wrong, because “what doesn’t kill me definitely makes me stronger.” Life lesson learned.


The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece, is looking at people everyday looking at they past && not focused on they future. They hold on to the negative things then the positive. && instead of being thankful for what it has made them they instead let they head hang low for the mistakes of others. What I hope people will get out of this is that nothing is promised, bad things happen to good people. But it's what makes you the person you are now, and thats STRONGER!

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