The Chase

September 17, 2009
By Anonymous

The dog that I thought was a cute innocent dog turned out to be something different!

One day after school I was walking home from the bus stop talking to my mom on the phone minding my own business. When all of a sudden a big black dog with a white patch over its right eye started to follow me and growl! I got scared but I just kept walking. The dog wouldn’t leave me alone and got faster and faster, so I started walking faster and faster.

The dog got a head of me stopped, looked at me and growled the loudest growl I have ever heard!

After I stood there for the scariest moments of my life wondering if the dog was going to attack me, I got the guts to look at him and yell “Go home you stupid dog!”

That did not make the dog any happier in fact it got madder! So I did the only thing there was left to do, I started sprinting! The dog was way to fast and kept getting a head of me. I just kept yelling at the dog running as fast as I could down the street. I haven’t told you about the embarrassing part yet, I was in front of all my neighbors. They were all looking and seeing some weird girl sprinting down the street yelling at the dog almost in tears! I looked like a FOOL!

Eventually I got into my garage and shut the garage door as fast as I could. I just stood there out of breath, almost in tears thinking about what just happened!

When I got into my house I saw my mom and like always she asked me how my day was. So… I told her about THE CHASE!!!

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