Sixth Grade

September 25, 2009
By , Cave Creek, AZ
In the beginning of sixth grade I was a total nerd. I didn't wear make-up, I brought my lunch everyday, and I didn't wear make-up. Some people may say "Wow, that's not a nerd!", but to me it is the exact definition.

September 9th came, in Socail Studies, I was surprised that Megan S. and H. came to sit by me. We had so much fun, making a song about cheese, goofing around and working. We left the class laughing. Later that day we all had science together. We talked so much we had to be moved. That was the funnest day!
Later on in the year i became such good friends with them and there friends i sat by them at lunch everyday. Megan H. was my bestfriend! Together we went to see the Hannah Montanna concert! By hanging out with them i was transformed into a "somebody!" I had more friends, dressed better, and wore makeup.
Close to the beginning of the year Megna H. got switched out of our science class, because we all talked to much. It was sad but made me get closer to Megan S.. We turned into bestfriends! We spent every single weekend together, until a stupid fight i started in seventh grade. To this day i regret it.
Now Megan H. and i are best friends again, I talk to Megan S. a little, but not enough to really hangout again. I hope her and I become better friends, but for right now I have the other megan and my other friends. Thats great for me!
Today me and my bestfriend are going to the Miley Cyrus concert! I cant wait! Megan h. and i will be friends forever

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