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September 24, 2009
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Throughout my 17 years of life I have blissfully and freely indulged in three passions: the excitement of figure skating, the joy of reading and the companionship of friends. And, although exceedingly simplistic, these three passions have made my life worth living. These t passions, like a lighthouse leading a ship to harbor have guided me my entire life.

In the beginning I sought the excitement of figure skating. In particular I yearned for the satisfaction of executing a perfect spin, the thrill of landing an extenuating jump, and the exhilarating ecstasy of winning a prestigious competition. For these feelings, I have suffered through excruciating falls and merciless frustration. I have faced the bitter cold rink at the brink of dawn and sacrificed my benevolent sleep. I have given up a large portion of my social life and freedom, yet I would not change it for the world. For figure skating I would do it all.

Then, I discovered the joys of reading. Reading a novel meant escaping into another world, a world where anything was possible and I, as the main character would experience it all. I loved fictional books such as Pride and Prejudice or Harry Potter because they allowed me to embark on a new adventure, yet I loved nonfiction books such as Malcolm X with equal fervor because it allowed me to travel, to experience events that took place in history and to understand the reasoning and thoughts behind some of the greatest leaders of our time. In time reading had become my escape from reality, my private world, where men could become invisible and white rabbits could speak. For this I was eternally grateful

Finally, though figure skating and reading had become the highlights of my existence, there was one passion that exceeded them both—the companionship of friends. Through my friends I have learned to relax and be less uptight, to enjoy life and sometimes to defy society’s conventions. After all, life is more interesting that way. In many instances, having an exuberant friend could transform a tedious mundane afternoon into a fond laughter filled memory. Furthermore when I become a geriatric citizen and can no longer figure skater or read due to my deteriorated eyesight, I know that I will still have the amiable companionship of my friends as one last passion. For me, knowing this is enough.

These three passions I have adhered to my entire life. They guide but do not govern my being. Most importantly, without these passions I would not die-- yet they have made my life all the more meaningful.

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