Long days

June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

When my father sent me on a train to meet my aunt up in Santa Barbara, I had a very strange encounter with an elderly man who sat across from me. He was a tall, slender man with thick glasses that enlarged the size of his pupils. His white hair stuck out from bed hed in a ring around his scalp. His large eyes looked curiously at me and he muttered, "Ya' lookin' bored kiddo!" I just barely cracked a smile and explained to him that my destination was Santa Barbara.
He explained to me that he used to wreak havoc on Santa Barbara when he commited a heist that involved stealing a painting worth millions of dollars with his friends Big Tony, Frank, and Mister G. He explained to me, "If we went down, we went down together. This was the biggest and baddest gang in town that was protecting this painting and we were goin' all or nothin'.
"The day finally came to commit the crime and all went well. Our plan ran out smoothly but we still went into hiding for a while afterwards..just in case. It wasn't until one day there was a knock at our door and the gang broke in killing my partners as I hid under the bed. They let me off easy when they found me and we struck a deal that brings me back to Santa Barbara today--but this is my stop. Have fun kid!"
I remained shock from his abrupt leave, looked down and realized my purse disappeared.

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