Cheer Camp

June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

"Uh! I just want to sleep!" Kourtney said as I agreed with her on our way down to Columbus for cheer camp.

Everyone on our bus was singing and cheering, it was so annoying. I mean
come on, it was 7 a.m. Kourtney and I were the out casts, always have been and
always will be. I guess it's just because were not as immature as the other girls and we
don't start drama. That's a big one. All cheerleading ever was is one word, drama, and
that's the one reason why I hate it. It all started last year when I made JV as a
freshman. It sure seemed like they all hated me because of it. It wasn't even my fault.
At first I thought it was because I was new and that they just hated the new girl, then I
realized it was just because I made JV. I honestly think that is the dumbest reason to
hate someone. And to make it even better I was new, so I didn't really know anyone, I
was always the loner. I tred to be friends with them but no, of course I couldn't break up the 6 girls to save my life.

We finally got to the camp, I mean it took long enough. We had to drag all our
luggage up to the dorms, which had no air, of course, just my luck. I was rooming with
Alexis. The funniest girl I have ever meet. I honestly love her. She's just one of those
girls who always wants to have fun and knows when to cheer you up.
"Snobes!" she shouted from all the way down the hall, I could tell it was her just by her
voice. Kourtney was rooming with Sam. Sam's funny too, she just loves to have a good
time. Yep that pretty much describes her. We didn't really do anything the first day
except meet the team stuff, exciting. I really didn't want to go to this camp, but I love
cheerleading so that's what its all about, even though I knew it was just going to be a
week filled with drama.

The rest of the week was pretty chill. There wasn't as much drama as I
suspected. Alexis and I, on the last night were talking, and the coaches every night
would come around and put there ears up to the door to see if we were talking or being
loud after curfew. And of course Alexis and I were being as hyper and loud as ever.
So they knocked on our door and Alexis answered and said we were going to go to bed.
We quieted down and were whispering when there was another knock at our door.
" You need to go to bed," they said when I answered.
"Okay we are." I said.
So we actually decided to lay down and just text each other because I swear they just
sat outside our room and every time they heard something they just knocked on our
door. I was in the middle of texting her back and there was another freaking knock. I
got up again and answered it.
"You guys really need to go to sleep."
"We are trying to sleep, we weren't even talking."
"Yeah, okay, whatever you say. But seriously if I have to come and knock on your door
again one of you is coming to sleep with me."
" Okay," I said shutting the door.
"What the heck?!" Alexis said
"Yeah I know we weren't even talking, I swear there just targeting us."
"Yeah I know," Alexis said yawning.
"We should go to bed," we both said at the exact same time, ironic huh?

The next morning I was straightening my hair and I went to open the door
because it was hot in our room, and I noticed a white crop circle tapped to our door in
streamers and a note hanging from the middle of the door. It read,

Girls, thanks for being so loud last night I had to stay awake just to make sure
you were asleep.

"what?" she said shouting down the hall of the dorm.
"Come look at this note and crop circle thing someone put on our door!"
"What?!, Oh my gosh, what is this? That's so weird I wonder who is was?!"
"Yeah I know me to lets ask coach if she put it there."
"Okay!" she said as I followed her to coaches room.
"Hey Coach Sam, did you put this note and ....."
"What." said coach glancing at her door.
"We have that same crop circle thing on our door too, what is it? Did you guys do that?"
I said with confusion.
"No I didn't. I didn't even notice it until right now, that's weird." Coach Sam said looking
the door up and down.
"Wow, that's weird, I wonder if it was a joke or something, or like if other cheerleaders
did it." Alexis said in shock.
" I don't know, but it's weird" Coach Sam said.
We left the room kind of freaked out. Like who would put crop circles on only the
coaches door's and ours? And what was up with that note? Who did that? I couldn't
stop thinking about it the whole day. I though it was just the coaches messing around,
but it really wasn't, and I guess I will never know.

It was finally almost over. The competition team just had to compete and we had
awards, then we could leave. Kourtney and I were excited, we just wanted to get out of
there. It was about a half hour before the competition team had to go on and one of the
girls got sick. Not like I don't feel good sick, like I cant stop throwing up, and I'm so
dizzy I cant walk kind of sick. Out of all the girls Coach picks to replace her, it would be
me. So I had to learn the whole routine in a half hour, crazy huh. Everyone was talking
to me and trying to teach me all at once and I was getting confused, it was so
frustrating! Coach just decided to have one person teach me the whole routine so I
wouldn't get messed up with everyone teaching me at once. Amanda and I went in the
corner, she taught me really fast, which is good cause I catch on fast. Then we
practiced like crazy, just doing the routine over and over right until the minute we had to
perform. We didn't even get to do it all as a team together, but I knew it. I had
everything welded into my head. As I walked onto the floor spiriting, I could feel
everything slowly leaking out of my brain, I was scared. Why couldn't I remember?
"Steph, your over here." Amanda whispered from across the mat.
"Oh. Thanks girl, sorry my mind just went blank." I answered in a softer whisper.
The music started and everything just clicked. As I got of the floor Sam came up and
gave me a huge hug.
"You were great! I mean it's not like I didn't think you could do it, but I'm just proud of
That was real teamwork. I really don't think I could have done that if everyone didn't
help me out. I guess cheer camp wasn't so bad this year, I shouldn't complain about
going every year. I'll never know when it will be different.

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