The Deer impaled on the fence

January 14, 2009
By Danny Aldave, Bountiful, UT

One day when we got home from our family vacation our neighbors told my brother that there was a dead deer on a fence by our house. At first we thought that he was joking so at first we didn't go look so after we got settled in me and my brothers went to go look. After about a two-minute walk to the fence sure enough there was a dead deer on the fence. The fence that the deer was on is made of steel, and it has a very sharp edge, the deer must have jumped too early and got impaled on the fence.

The next day me, and my brother went to go look at it again but instead of seeing a dead deer there was nothing there except some blood and some fur. We decided to see if our neighbors knew where the deer had gone, they told us that they went and got the deer off the fence and threw it down the gully. So we went to go look at it. It looked as if they had decapitated it. After a couple of minutes me and my brother were disgusted and decided to get home. And so that was what I saw after my vacation.

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