Times Change

June 2, 2009

As the sun breaks through the clouds of the dreary month of March, I come to realize that spring is finally here. The birds start to whistle their euphonious melodies as I stroll through a dirt beaten path. Tiny, colorful pebbles and melting ice crunch beneath my feet as I approach a dew-soaked bench. I lay a towel that I found in the backseat of my car onto the mahogany wood, and I take a seat. As I capture all of Mother Nature’s gifts around me, I become attentive to the stillness and peace of the atmosphere. The wind blows soothing, cool air gently onto my rosy red cheeks. The scent of spring is slowly approaching; while the harsh and frosty air from this previous winter begins to slink away. Out in the distance, I spy an old neglected but beautiful play set where there are two children diligent at play. Both were inebriated with life and youth. My mind begins to drift to a different place. I embark on a journey to the past, remembering my joyful and lighthearted youth. After about five minutes, I realize that I am still looking at the children playing, but not so much watching them. My mind took me to a different place, where I was still a child, with all of the innocence in the world. A sudden strike of heat lightning appears fleetingly into the sky. It grabs hold of my attention, and brings me back down from memory lane. A brief drop of rainwater falls into a puddle and sends a silent ripple through a reflection of a beautiful, gargantuan tree. I hear a subtle purr of calming thunder in the distance. It is time to go. As I make my journey back to my car, I realize that like the coming of spring, growing up is inevitable. Age is a part of the miracle of life, just like rain is a part of the change in seasons. I feel a smile sneak across my face as I look up into the parting clouds. The sun pushes through the bullying sky, full of vigor and pride.

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