The "Crack House"

May 27, 2009
By desert-fox BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
desert-fox BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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Deep in the heart of Barkley Ranch in a modern two-story middle class home lives my family. We live in a cul-de-sac with an assortment of people living there. Across the street from our house lives a Mexican family. Down the street live two principals a house apart from each other. To the left of the Mexican household lives a Korean family and to the left of them lives a marine family. Finally on the very end of the street lives an elderly couple, but none of these houses is the house I will talk about. Across the street from the couple lives a teenager around the age of eighteen. He and his friends are pretty strange they only like to come out at night.

In the dead of night him and his friends come out and get into his truck. When they get back to his house the bed of the truck is filled with packs of beers. They crack open the cans and start to drink heavily. Also they open a few packs of cigarettes and start to smoke. Then they go back inside his house and probably fall asleep or stay up all night drinking. But the next morning they all have hangovers and don’t come out during the day.

One of the mornings however they went out into his backyard and started to shout loudly. I was walking by when it happened and I thought they might have gotten into a fight but after a few minutes it died down. They really haven’t done anything wrong except they drink which isn’t against the law but it still doesn’t mean it’s good. They haven’t gotten into any fights or broken anything. Whenever my brother and I walk by their house we mutter under our breath, “It’s the crack house”.

My parents however think differently about that house whenever we say stuff about it our parents scold us saying that we are being rude. My mom says that she’d like to meet with his mom that also lives there. But my brother and I just shake our heads saying, “Yeah, um… you do that mom and we’ll be in our room”. The entire time were going to our rooms we’re thinking good luck with that. We just don’t believe that a mother that lets her son drink in front of their house is that great of a person. In fact, I’m sure that the two years I’ve been living there I haven’t seen his mother once.

When were outside talking with our friends at night their still out there drinking and smoking. At least they haven’t disturbed anyone by breaking into their house while drunk at night. So mostly we put up with them or mostly just ignore them but that house down the street with all that it holds it still pretty strange.

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