My life in Russia

May 15, 2009
By Daniil Dolbnya BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
Daniil Dolbnya BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
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So when I was born I was raised in a one story house with three dogs, two grandmas one aunt, my grandpa and great grandpa, mom and my cousin. We had a happy life, school was okay, home was the boring bomb and life was easy going. Always had work to do and always had fun. My cousin named, Yasik, and me always got in trouble and as soon we got out of trouble we would just get into more trouble. Wow i remember this one time in my neighborhood me and Yasik and a kid called Morat went to the river down the hill just to skip rocks but it turned into a life death satiation.

So Yasik and Morat lead the way to the river cause they were one year older then me and i was just following them cause i had nothing better to do, we were all around 5 years old I might have been 4 and a half so any way we were almost at the river carefully moving down the hill to the rushing clear water that we could hear but not see yet. Yasik tried to to jump the rest of the way down when the ground beneath him crumbled apart and gave away from under him leaving him sliding on his rear end the rest of the way down. It was hilarious and we couldn’t stop laugh wile Yasik just glared at us and yell at us to help him up cause he was waist high in dirt. Morat laughed to hard and the dirt fell from under him too by then I was cracking up just too hard. That I too couldn’t help from falling down in to the dirt. We some how managed to get out from the ditch we made but we were dirty like pigs and grandma would not like that and believe it or not we didn’t like getting in trouble so Yasik had an idea that we could wash up in the river and we alagreed cause we had no better idea so we got as close to the river with out falling into it as we just realize it was going to fast and there was no way we could wash up. But we still tried so Yasik started to bent over lower and lower when plop he fell in. HOLY CRAP HE FELL IN! I was just watching in horror as he drifted down the river head bobbing up and down as he tried to gasp for air. Moat started to yell and chasing after him so I decided so should I so me and Morat yelling and running after Yasik down the fast cold river when I saw a huge branch leaning across the river and came up with the idea of climbing that and getting him the thing was I was scared s**t less so i was hesitating until Morat yelled “ RETARD JUST DO IT YASIK IS GOING TO DIE DO IT HURRY HURRY HURRY!!!”

I then got my head back and started to climb side ways to the tip of the branch and just some how managed to grab the collar of his monster shirt and just realized he is too dang big and heavy and the wet clothes didn’t help so all i was able to do was hold on to him i couldn’t pick him out the water but just hold on to him helpless. Even then did I realize I was not strong enough to hold him still any longer he was just to heavy and the current didn’t help. So I came up with a idea farther on the river the ground kinda curved and if he went in a straight line he would hit the dirt and would be saved. I threw him as hard as i could to that side. I didn’t manage to throw him as far as i would like to but it was far enough soon Yasik hit the shallow ground and then the dirt it self by the time I got there he was laying in the ground huffing and puffing. Water tickled down his mouth and he was soaked thick with water. Yasik was finally ready to start walking when we realized Morat ditched us. Yasik said “What a friend he is.” we started walking when Yasik put his arm around my neck and hugged me with all his might and whispered “Thank you bro” and we walked the way home with our arms our each other necks laughing.

As soon we got home we got in major trouble and were forbidden from ever going to the river again. But we still did and we still get in trouble....yea thats just one of the crazy stuff we did, there are about a dozen of stuff we did. That would make you say “NO WAY WERE WHERE YOUR PARENTS?”. There was this one time at home when Grandma Palena was watching us, we climbed up................. THE END.

The author's comments:
A memory of my past inspired me to write this because i realized how wicked my childhood was compared to other children at my school. Hearing there stories of what they did when they were that young made my childhood feel extreme.

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