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The Interview

April 29, 2019
By Brandongarzaofficial SILVER, Hemet, California
Brandongarzaofficial SILVER, Hemet, California
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Yesterday was my first interview, I'm 16 and have no prior experience with this kinda stuff. And it's kinda scary, I mean sure to the regular adults it’s normal but to people like me, its new, terrifying, and nobody really teaches you how do go thru it.

My family and I were walking out of a, mainly, clothing store to see a new store was opening up next door. There was balloons and some tables out on the front, being the curious boy-man I am I went to go give it a look. Tuners out it was a job hiring fair. I decided to delve myself in to find for information on it, there was a line so I just stood waiting for the feet of people to, slowly, move forward all ordered and neat. As I waited my heart began to pulsate, my blood because to pump at the speed of little lightning bolts, I mean it was just a little information table about hiring, so I thought.

When I get to the man he informs me that this is not just an information table but, and interviewing one. So instead of leaving like a buffoon out of fear of not being prepared, I sit and allow the interview to take place, my first. I swear when I sat there time slowed down, my brain began to scatter, thought on being unprepared flew thru my brain, my leg began to shake, I mean why was it such a big deal; later realizing that well i've never been introduced to this type of stuff. After a long breathe he began and I had a choice; I could either let my anxiety over run me or just be myself. And luckily I choose to be myself, though i've never been in this situation on an interview, I new the best thing to do was to just be me; so I did, next thing I knew I began to feel less anxious, I let myself answer his persitioned-crafted questions. Then the next day, today, I got the call that I got the job.

I know that my sound strange, to choose to be myself, but when you stop to think, everyone puts up a front depending on their location. As my English teacher once told me “there's a you at school and a you at home”, and boy I wish it was that black and white, sometimes we can get mixed up in all the “ yous’ ” when it comes to entering this new territory because you don't know anything about it. So why am I writing this, well I'm here to tell you that when it comes to an interview (or even a new terian) the best thing you a can do is just, be you.

The author's comments:

I was never told how to be in an interview, or how it felt, so i hope this helps at least one person out 

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