empty park benches

April 23, 2009
i sit alone on park benches. fighting to stop, to end the countless thoughts, the endless day dreams of your eyes; pools of green and your lips; satin. I say goodbye, that I'm done, I can't do this. do i want to leave? yes? no? my questions, my answers are like jello,unstable, as was our exstint relationship. this world that I met you in,this park that we spent our hours talking, this bench that held us both, these arms that held you, these eyes that got lost in yours, these lips that explored every counture of your body, the love that i held in my heart for you. it's all a faded memory, like photographs with chicken scratch writing on the back. this heart is empty, these lips miss the million countures, these eyes have found their way out, these arms hold just air, this bench has said its forever long goodbye, this park is missing one giggle to bounce off tree trunks. do i have regrets? must i forget?please.forget. the chicken scratch, the eyes. they're fading into whisps blowing away in the bitter wind just as you have done so many times before. i'll try to regain as i sit here.on empty park benches.

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DIPTI said...
Feb. 19, 2010 at 8:18 am
this is very nice.
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