My Grandma Carina's Story About Her Brother

September 29, 2017
By JohnSeps BRONZE, Hemet, California
JohnSeps BRONZE, Hemet, California
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My grandmother was raised in the Philippines. The Philippines is known for poverty and there is a lot of crime. My grandmother's younger brother would frequently go to town and buy and sell things in the store. One day their family was finally able to afford a bike,  this made her brother's trips easier to do. One day,  her brother went to the store and never returned home. They searched for her younger brother for several days fearing he had been harmed. His body was eventually discovered in a garbage bin, his wrists were slit and he was naked. This young innocent boy lost his life over a bicycle and a family lost their child.

The author's comments:

Me and my grandma Carina are not related she married my grandpa but he had my dad with another woman (who is my biological grandmother) before he married.

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