My Best Friend

May 12, 2017
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My locker at school was always messy, and it never bothered me. I knew that sometimes there was going to be things that I couldn’t find anymore because of my messiness, but I didn’t care. It was the first day of school, and I had just finished admiring how my locker was clean for once. I walked into the auditorium for my final first day in middle school, checking to see if there were any new kids that I could see. I saw a few, but only one really caught my eye. She was a small, petite, blonde, and she looked nerdy and quiet. I didn’t like her, not because of her personality or anything reasonable, but because she sat next to my ex-boyfriend. I despised her for about three weeks, glaring at her every time that she looked at me, talking bad about her, complete hatred for that time. After about two weeks, my hatred lessened. She didn’t seem so bad, smiling, sweet etc. Not so long after, when the three weeks were up, I told her through social media that I thought that she was cool and I liked the way that she dressed. We ended up talking more and more about this, joking about her quietness, talking about our pets, and laughing over stupid things. We continued to bond throughout these past two years, and slowly she became my best friend. Having her as my best friend meant a lot to me because before I was always sad, and not myself. Now, we have both changed each other so much. She's not shy anymore, and is more outgoing with me. She's made it so that I'm happier, more goofy, and slightly more nerdy. Because of my friend, unlike my locker, my life isn't messy and none of my personality will ever be lost again. She has truly changed my life. 

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