My Dad

March 16, 2017

Michael David, the most generic Jewish name a man can be given. This is my father. In the mornings his jet black hair with whisks of gray and silver sticks up as if struck by lightning and his eyes stay closed a fraction of an inch more than usual. His small frame stands about 5'4, even though we all make fun of his driver’s license which says he's 5'6. My father is a kind man with a big laugh and when retelling a story around the dinner table or when giving a very serious business presentation, he'll always be found using hand gestures, his hands never falling to his sides. Even though he's on the smaller side of an average man his age, his presence never goes unnoticed whether he's cracking jokes to break the ice or elaborately explaining his ideas to an eager crowd. My father is pretty fit and works out at least five days a week, doing upper body, cardio, and frequent mile-long walks with my mother around a nearby lake. I only know this because he loves to put his workouts on the shared family calendar I frequently check. Dr. Cohen, yup that's my father. He teaches political science and polling at GWU and UCDC and used to work for Microsoft on their design team. If you open up any Apple, Android, or Blackberry product to their respective App Store, you can easily find my dad's pride and joy, Congress in Your Pocket, an app that gives you countless pieces of information on every single congressman or woman. When he's not down in DC at meetings or teaching at college, he's home in his office in his girly Ugg slippers, either a Yankee's baseball or Florida Gators' football shirt along with a hat to hide his bed head. Though if my dad got lucky enough to have a conference call through Skype instead of having to commute, he'll strategically wear a nice suit and tie from the belly button up, and just to test is luck, wear only boxers or sweatpants on the bottom. I take after my father's outgoing and social personality, and just like him, at the end of a long day, both of us have to wind down in a quiet room before going to bed. My family and I joke that me and my father are extroverted introverts which always gives my little brother a good laugh. My dad thrives off the crowd as the life of the party. He tells jokes not just to break an awkward silence, but because it makes himself feel safe in an unfamiliar place. You can really see my dad's true happiness when he hits the perfect punchline and everyone cracks up because you see his face light up and he smiles, not just bearing his perfectly fixed teeth, but in his ears. When my dad smiled, you can see his ears move about an inch and a half up the sides of his head. Both me and my dad press each other's buttons a lot because of our very similar personalities. One of our worst flaws are our hangriness and impatience. When we get hungry we get angry and it's not pretty. We are both impatient people, unlike my mom and brother, and hate having to deal with incompetent people, things that don't come easily to us (such as drawing which my mother can do flawlessly in a heartbeat), and skeptical when trying new things (quite often foods my mom makes for us). My father and I are very much alike even though on some days we'd rather not admit it.

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