Miriam and Moses Madness

March 21, 2016
By angthewriter BRONZE, Houston, Texas
angthewriter BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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In a hipster-contemporary vibe, Moses Villapando and Miriam Guzman show off their sense of style in three of their most prized outfits. These get-ups convey their inner youth and desire to stand out from the crowd, but their clothing combinations didn’t just root from inspiration. With aid from role models like David Beckham, for Moses, and Kendall Jenner, for Miriam, Macarthur's very own display exemplary attire for peers and even outsiders to mimick.
     But, How exactly did these individuals get drawn to the world of fashion? These Mac 9 scholars communicate a strong orientated approach, but all great things begin simple.
    Moses Villapando revealed to us his road to looking good wasn’t so pretty. He began his journey dressing like someone with “swag”. Snapbacks, Jordans, etc were all in the rage back then in 2012. As time passed, Moses rehashes thinking “My style was out of date and i needed a new direction.” He proceeded to exploring different clothing pieces and found his light by going from basic to classy.
    In our interview, Mr. Villapando also expressed his interest for shopping in H&M, Urban outfitters, Abercrombie & fitch, Dockers, and Forever 21. These stores are amongst his favorites, but he hopes to expand his wardrobe even more. He advises beginners to shop at these retailers since they provide an “idea where to begin”. As our encounter came to an end, I finalized our chat by asking him how does he see himself dressing in the future. With a laugh, he replied, “I see myself dressing way better, because I will be able to afford more clothes!”
      But, this couldn’t
be “Moses & Miriam Madness” without Miriam! Ms. Guzman disclosed her fashion views by granting advice and words of inspiration. Miriam’s recommendation for amateur fashionistas goes as follows: “I would have to say don’t let anyone tell you what looks good or bad on you. If you like it, [you should] go for it. Don’t let your body type discourage you on the clothes you [want] to wear.” Her suggestion for success incentivises people, mainly girls, of all shapes and sizes to not let their bodies define them. Way to go Miriam on women empowerment! And, like Moses, Ms. Guzman has preferred stores as well. “Some” of her favorites are Forever 21, Agaci, Ross, and Hollister. As our gathering came to a conclusion, I inquired Miriam with the same question I asked Moses. As she gets older, does she see herself dressing another way? With an open mind, she responded, “I would see myself dressing another way because fashion changes throughout the years, but I would still try to make whatever i wear unique to my specific likings.” 
Miriam and Moses go off different approaches to transmit their perception on genuine style. Although their testimonies vary, they both agreed on the thought of fashion being “...a form of communicating without words…”. Showing the public, that fashion isn’t just a useless pastime. It’s sporting whom you on on your body. Doesn’t matter if you're big, skinny, or old. What matters is your intention behind your vestment. Not only to look “good” but to look your very best, for whatever the occasion may be.
Overall, “Miriam & Moses Madness” aims to act as a mentor text for students, even teachers, at MacArthur Ninth Grade School. Fashion is a proven outlet for Moses and Miriam and it can be for anyone else as well. It takes guts to stand out from the multitude, but once you find your voice, let the sound you make impact the world around you. Not by talking, but by turning heads.

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on Mar. 28 2016 at 11:38 am
pretty_eyes BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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This is amazing. It has such a strong theme. Thank you for the share.

miriaam.k said...
on Mar. 28 2016 at 11:33 am
miriaam.k, Houston, Texas
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hey that's me Miriam (:

on Mar. 28 2016 at 11:29 am
davidrdz2000 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Great article keep it up hmu :)

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