The Condition That Changed a Life

February 17, 2014
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Not many people have the faith that Alec Haase has. As a 6’8” basketball star, musical prodigy, and born with a congenital heart disease, Aortic Stenosis, he has conquered many obstacles and challenges throughout his life.

Being so tall put many obstacles in his life that most of us do not face. “It’s a lifetime of looking out as my dad so eloquently put it.” says Alec.

For instance, many of us would not think that going to an amusement park would produce so many challenges.

“I’ve been kicked off the occasional rollercoaster. My knees were up to my elbows!” Hasse says.

However, even with this, Alec says that being so tall has actually helped him. He has had the opportunity to meet more people and participate in basketball.

Alec did not always know that he would be able to play basketball. As a child, his doctor had told his parents that he would continually need to come back to the doctors to have check ups on his heart and most likely not be able to play sports. You can imagine how that would affect a little boy and his family. Nonetheless, everytime he went back to the doctors, he was told his heart was holding up. At age 8, his doctor told him he could play sports. “So I dove in head first.”

He says, his love for basketball started when he witnessed an NBA game. Ever since, Alec has had a love for the game. Shortly after, he launched into basketball. Until his sophomore year, when it ended.

“I went up for the dunk, came down, and the next thing I knew my knee was shattered.”

That day was the last of his high school basketball career.

“After my reconstructive surgery, it made me realize that there are bigger things out there than now.”

Although basketball ended, he began to focus more on his musical interest.

“The sounds, melodies, and beats of songs was what started my musical passion. All the different genres and concerts I’ve attended helped me realize how much I’ve loved music.”

In 5th grade, he participated in something called mouth piece day.

“I liked the sound of the tuba, but I didn’t like the idea of carrying that.” Thus, he choose the trombone.

“One thing I like about music is the different mind set it can put you in.”

The trombone has impacted his life significantly. Choosing the right college for him is based on playing the trombone in their band. Music will forever be a part of his life.

Alec is somebody who definitely stands out among his peers. Not just for his height but because of the well rounded person he is. When faced with a challenge, he has such an optimistic outlook and rebounds with a faith that everything is going to work out. “Somebody somewhere is looking out for me.”

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