Success comes from the obstructions

August 17, 2013
By sabrinasmn BRONZE, Johor Bahru, Other
sabrinasmn BRONZE, Johor Bahru, Other
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Favorite Quote:
I dont care how people judge me as long as im being myself.

Me : Hi dad ! Can you spend some time ?
Neighbour : Yeah, sure ! What’s it ?
Me : I need to do an interview. Can you tell your life story ?
Neighbour : Is this for the teen ink magazine ?
Me : Yes, did you know about it ? My work will be easier then.
Neighbour : When I was 14 years old I’ve entered one of the contest.
Me : Did you win ?
Neighbour : No. It’s okay. Can we continue to our topic ?
Me : Yeah, sure. Can you tell me about your childhood.
Neighbour : Talking about my childhood, hmm. Last 20 years, when I was 7 years old, I live with my other 12 siblings in a village with my grandparents. Everyday I walk to school. Armed with a cost of 20 cents coin, I need to use it wisely. Usually I don’t eat during recess just to buy school supplies. My family isn’t come from a rich family so, I learned to not waste money for things that are not important. My grandfather was a part time security guard while my grandmother was a factory worker. Not less in 2 years she worked there she needed to stop working because the factory seized. After that she didn’t work. Sometimes villagers came to ask for her services such as sewing, cleaning houses etc. She never sighed because she knows that God provided something better than that.
Me : I never expexted that your childhood was really sad.
Neighbour : Yeah, but I never felt so. There’s a river behind my grandparents’ house. Every morning before I go to school I took my bath there. It’s was really cold. Sometimes I didn’t take bath. *she laughed* After school I and my siblings will play around in front of my grandparents’ house. Some of the games that we played are ‘ketinting’, ‘galah panjang’, ‘konda-kondi’ etc. All of them are Malay games. One day, my grandfather was angry because someone just broke my grandmother’s vase. And I am the one who broke it so I hide in the river. No kidding . Around 7 pm I go out and sneaked into the house. When my grandfather asked me I pretended like I didn’t know anything.
Me : *laughed* You was a naughty grandchild.
Neighbour : I did a lot of naughty things before. During evening I will go to some of the villagers’ house to do some house chores. By doing that I got some money as salary. But when I was 13 years old I quit studying because of money constrains. After that, I worked as part time newspaper girl. At least I had money to help my grandparents to find costs of living. But what was always crossed my mind was “Where’s my parents?”, “Why I never see them?”. Yes, since I was a kid my grandparents are those who took care of us.
Me : Then, what happened to your parents ?
Neighbour : My grandparents never talked about them. I didn’t even know why but I never asked them. Till one day, my grandfather asked all of us to gather at the living room. That day, everything revealed. My parents are alive but they moved to Brunei right after all of us were 2 years and above. And they never came back. So till now I never had see them. I never felt how it is to have parents. You’re lucky that your parents are here. *started to cry*
Me : I am so sorry that I asked you about them. My parents are here but they never give their attention for me. I always neglected by my family. At least your grandparents were there when you need them.
Neighbour : Even my parents aren’t beside them but I am happy with my life because my grandparents always understand us. When I was 17 years old I worked at a restaurant. One day, when I went back home I saw there’s a lot of people in my house. I wondered what happened. Out of the blue, my little sister told me that my grandparents were dead. During that time I felt nothing. I felt that my world has gone. There’s nothing that I can do in my life anymore. After a week I feel more better and I migrate to the northen Malaysia. I am grateful that I have a friend there. She was the one who helped me to find house and work. Again, I worked at a restaurant. One day there’s a guy lefted his wallet at the restaurant and I found it. So I keeped it with hopes that he will come again to claim it. And yes he came on the next day and asked me if I saw a black wallet. After I returned it to him, he beholden me and asked me to go out for a dinner but I refused. He begged that I will accept his offer and yes I did. That moment I found my true love. About 6 months being friend, he proposed me to be his partner till the end of life and I accept it no doubt.
Me : Did you live happily after that ? And what happened to your siblings ?
Neighbour : No, my life wasn’t ended like that. After I marrying him I admit that my life was better. With our hard-earned we successfully set up an insurance company and it was still there until now. But my husband changed too fast. Once we’re rich he had a scandal with another woman. He thought that I will never know but I am smarter that I found a lipstick in his car. It’s not an ordinary lipstick because I never had one. So I asked him and he told me the truth. He told me that he’s going to marry that woman. I started to cry but I told him to not find me whatever happened. That moment he divorced me. I moved to Paris. I started my new life there. I studied in the field of fashion. Finally I have masters in fashion. So I went back to Malaysia and live in a new house. Im not alone because I have married with a French guy. And I managed to build a fashion business for teens. I’ve decided to build a fashion business for teens because in Malaysia we don’t have any fashion for teens and the teenagers wears women stuffs. And that’s the story of my life. I am now happy with my life. *smiled*
Me : That’s a really amazing story. I’ve never expected that a successful woman like you had done those obstacles before. You’re really a tough woman. But where’s your husband I’ve never see him before.
Neighbour : Oh, he died in plane crash on the way he’s going back to Paris. But I never felt sad because I know God always planned something better than this. And yet I didn’t marry anymore but I live happily now.
Me : You’re really an amazing, wonderful woman. I bet if I was at your place, I didn’t tough enough to face it. Thank you very much for your cooperation to help with this. I am very grateful that you’ve spend your evening just to help me with this interview.
Neighbour : Yeah, sure. I hoped you’ll win since I lost last few years. *laughed*
Me : I hope so. Thank you again and I hope you’ll accept this, it’s a brand new perfume from Victoria Secret’s. This is as a thank you.

The author's comments:
My neighbour's achievement was the main point that inspired me to write this piece. I hope those who read this will take the lessons and will inspired her as much as I do.

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