Interview with My mother

August 16, 2013

INTERVIEW WITH MY MOTHER- My father’s name is Abdul.He works as a chief steward with The Malaysa Airlines. My mother, Hanita Md. Saad is on eof the smartest person I know. She’s also a beautiful and nice person. She take cares of us from the first breath of us. She’s also funny. She always makes my siblings and I laugh out loud. It is only now, that I’ve been able to appreciate her choice as a woman, wife, and mother and what her choices have made possible for me. I always think of my mother when I’m in college now. We were a middle class family. We are not too rich and we are also not too poor. I thank a lot to my mother because she has already did to much things to us till I cannot count all of them.
My parents have been married for about twenty years plus and what they have modelled my siblings has shaped so much who I am. was certainly a privilege unavailable to far too many women. I wanted to learn more about the motherhood and ambition and marriage from her perspective. So, let’s see. I’ve interviewed her a few days ago.

Question : On 1991, you married father. Was it a conscious decision to stay at home or did you work when you got married?
Answer : I worked at a company as an architect. I was in college before I got married. After your first sister was born, I still continued my work as an architect. I sent your first sister, Afini , to your aunty to take care of her. I and your father was too busy to take care of him seems your dad is always go to outstations till now. So, I decided to work when I got married.
Question : Why didn’t you stopped work after that?
Answer : It became very complicated to think. I was thinking about to stop work but my company did not gave me to quit. They (my company ) said that I was the one who can make this company put the Malaysia’s flag high. So, I continued my work as an architect.
Question : How did you handle your money in your marriage and my sister, Afini?
Answer : I managed the money. In the morning around seven, I’ll send Afini to your aunty and then I’ll go to work as usual with my car to my office. In the evening, I’ll take Afini from your aunty as usual from my office. Alhamdulilah, Afini was always happy with your aunty. She also loves your aunty too much till she thought that your aunty was her mother. Afini lived with your aunty for about four years plus.

Question : That was great. When did you quit your job?
Answer : I know right. I stopped working when I was on pregnant of you. It was on the early 99’s. I stopped working in December 1999.
Question : Why did you stopped working?
Answer : I stopped working because I want to take care of my children, Afini and you only. I did not want to do the same thing to you like I did to Afini that I sent Afini to your aunty. I did not want my children will get less love from me. I also thinks that your father can earns us without me working because your father is not that poor.
Question : So, did he agree with your decision?
Answer : At first, he did not agree with me. But I explained so many times to him to consider me. Finally, he understands me and he agreed with my decision.
Question : Did you ever regret staying at home?
Answer : No, because, as they say as woman, the choices are often cruel. But in the truth, I’ve never felt sacrificed.
Question : Why?
Answer : Because the result are good. I did what I wanted to. And I love my children so much.
Question : Did you feel independent?
Answer : Yes. Absollutely. I felt.
Question : Did you feel like you couldn’t follow your dreams?
Answer : No.I didn’t feel that.
Question : Were you feels bored when you stayed at home and take care of Afini and my other siblings?
Answer : No. I don’t feel bored at all. I took care of my children from the bottom of my heart. I love my children so much.
Question : Last, did you love your own family?
Answer : Yes, I love my family so much. I thanked to God because He gave the right side to me. I am greatful to have a family that is very united like my family. I am happy to have my children who is all studying in good schools and I want them to be a good person one day. I love your dad to. The conclusion is, I love my family till the last breath of mine.
Nurin Annisha is very much her mother’s daughter.

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