A Positive Sophmore

May 23, 2013
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Jordan W., says being a sophomore is a challenge, but it’s nothing she can’t handle. She keeps busy with activities and stays positive.
“Personally, I don’t mind being a sophomore. I guess maybe driving soon is the positive on being a sophomore. Otherwise, I really don’t feel any different from being a freshman because I practically fit in perfectly by my height.”
One aspect that affects a lot of Arrowhead students is sports. And Jordan is no exception.
“I was on JV this year which was a huge step. Last year I was on the Freshman team. Volleyball this year was fun, we ended up going 71-34 as our season record. We got 3rd place in conference and our coach, coach Wanta, helped us get there. “
Not only has she been involved in Volleyball since fourth grade—with her current position being Libero—but she also is active in softball. In softball, she plays second base.
“Anyways, softball is coming up in spring. Softball I’ve been doing since I was like 5. My first year of softball was fun I was also on JV for that and my coach was Coach Hall. He was a great coach, and our season went great as well. We went 15-0.”
Weber says sports impact her view of Arrowhead. It helps her toughen up against the hard competition.
“I do think Arrowhead school is preparing us for the future to succeed because they have been trying to push us as hard as they can to be the best.”
Jordan says these are the positives of going to Arrowhead:” Meeting new people every day, picking your classes, positivity, the spirit and pride everyone has, sports offered, and a lot of extra activities out of school.”
Though, according to her, there are some bad things about it.
“It can get crowded, some teachers (are not the best), (there are) no extra credit opportunities, more things needed to be in grade book (not only tests), and so many people get cut from sports, which is kind of important for me because it directly impacts my sports.”
Jordan says she is handling school will—and she says she’s trying to do it with a positive attitude.
“We get more privileges being sophomores I guess, by going to the Union (the lunch room where they have ping pong and food). Also, we have to take the WKCE testing this year which will be a grand time, not! But the good side of that is getting exempt from future exams for finals.”

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