Rafferty’s Last Year

May 20, 2013
Matt Rafferty, a senior, says he has enjoyed his last four years at Arrowhead and is looking forward to the new changes that are coming his way, especially college.

Rafferty says he is attending UW La Crosse in the fall. He says he liked the small town campus feel. He says La Crosse has great academics and is an exciting place to be. He also says he likes the fact that the college is so close to his family’s cabin.

“Since it’s so close to the cabin, I will get a lot more hunting time in,” Rafferty says.

He says he took advantage of all the different opportunities that Arrowhead offered. Rafferty says he was a part of many clubs and sports including football, golf, and track. He says he loved getting to meet new people and how easy high school was.

He says one of his best memories from high school was the time he hit a cop car with a water balloon.

At UW La Crosse, he’s excited to live on his own, meet new people, and enjoy all the freedoms that college brings.

He says he is worried about the amount of work he will have to do in college. He is also worried about having to do his own laundry and getting a creepy roommate.

Rafferty says there are a lot of things he will miss about Arrowhead. One thing he will miss are all the great friends he has made over the past four years. He will also miss getting to fool around in every class.

Even though he will miss high school, Rafferty says he is excited to start the new chapter in his life and move on to the world outside of high school. And no matter what, he says he has learned a lot from his years at Arrowhead and will never forget them.

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