Holdmann’s Maternity Leave

May 20, 2013
By jennawalters GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
jennawalters GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Many teachers at Arrowhead are leaving on maternity leave lately and one in particular is Laura Holdmann, a Biology 10 teacher. She recently has returned to Arrowhead after her maternity leave. She had a baby boy named Owen Holdmann.

Holdmann was gone on maternity leave for seven weeks.

She says that she loved feeling the baby kick and move around in her stomach while she was pregnant. She also liked reading about his development each week.

She says she did not like being tired and impatient through the duration of her pregnancy though.

Holdmann says that being a mother is an amazing new experience and she loves it.

“I absolutely love being a new mother,” says Holdmann.

She says that while she was away she missed seeing her colleagues every day. She also missed interacting and teaching her students.

Holdmann says that she think her long time sub, Mr. Shultz, did a good job while she was on her leave.

“He covered everything and got everything taken care of before I came back,” She says.

Holdmann says the hardest thing about coming back to school is going to be not being home with her new baby to see the new things he experiences every day. She will also miss not getting to spend every day with her other boys as well.

Holdmann is happy to back in the swing of things. She loves her new baby boy and can’t wait to watch him grow. She says her pregnancy and maternity leave was a great experience but loves being back to school with all her ‘big’ kids, her students.

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