A Nation's War

March 3, 2013
A nation’s pride is another country’s displeasure. For the past centuries, we’ve been fighting wars that never seem to end. There can never be peace throughout the world. Peace is like asking for all the money in the world. Imagine how it would feel to have all of the money you could possibly imagine but have nothing to spend it on.

War is the most costly price out there but peace is priceless. Why do we fight so constantly just for it to bring sorrow and depression to others. Sons, fathers, brothers and mothers fight this war to defend our country only to pay with their life. What happens to that newborn baby without a father in its life? What happens to that wife whose husband just died because of war?

We think that war will finally come to an end but its just a lie we tell ourselves just to keep our confidence high. What about all the promises our government has made about our troops coming home safely out of Afghanistan? Only a few of our soldiers have been brought home but not all of them. Why fight when were only fighting for the same cause years ago? War will always be one of the number one factors of death, but we’ll never be able to stop it.

War will affect us generations and generations to come. My grandfather’s generation and generations ago have been through war and have never felt the same once they came back. My grandfather, Robert Earl Wood is one of the most amazing and influential people I’ve ever gotten to love and know. He was apart of the Korean war. He described the treacherous swamps of Korea as mind boggling and deceiving. The whistling of flying bullets above felt as if wind didn’t even exist. Bombs dropped from enemy aircrafts felt as if the world was erupting like a volcano from above. Bodies dropped like flies. Having no chance to fall back into better position. “They came at us with all they had and we came right back at them with everything we had”. He said.

I saw best friends get killed in a blink of an eye and I could do nothing to help them. People have no idea what war is really like. War is not what you see in movies or on television. Wounds are not small holes you see, but they are bigger than the size of my thumb. At points i thought how we ever got into this mess, but i never turned away in doing what was asked of me which was killing the enemy. I was lucky enough to get out of Korea with my life. Little bastards wore ghillie suits and came out of foxholes. They waited for us like snakes in the grass, but we put them down.

War today is nothing like war back then. Today we are advanced in technologies in warfare and air. The war in the past is behind us and today’s war is our future. Our government is finally bringing all of our troops home to their families. War is finally ending in Afghanistan and now we can all live in peace from war and its destruction while we can.

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