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Erikay Achieves Beyond Da U

Erikray is a 2008 high school graduate and currently attends Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He is a senior and is involved in an array of different activities.

One of these activities includes the fraternity he is in. The Fraternity is Sigma Alpha Epsilon and they are known as The True Gentlemen which is the creed of the fraternity.

Erikray is Recruitment Chair and Social Chair for the fraternity and has the responsibility of rushing the guys that he feels will contribute to the fraternity and he also plans parties and social events.

Erikray never thought of joining a fraternity until he got to college and learned all about what is was like and was immediately hooked to the lifestyle.

Within the fraternity he does many different things. They have intramural teams such as football, soccer, and basketball where guys from the fraternity put together a team and play teams from other fraternities.

Erikray states, “We’ve pretty much dominated the last couple years in everything. I actually just had an epic game winning touchdown catch to beat the Phi Gis.”

Erikray’s fraternity also participates in things such as philanthropy projects doing things like selling bags with the fraternity letters and symbol on them.

“We do small things like this throughout the year. Some of it’s for classes so we incorporate it into the frat, but other times we do it for the fraternity,” says Erikray.

Erikray highly recommends anyone who likes to meet and bond with new people to join a fraternity. He says it’s more than just partying and getting girls. It’s about the brotherhood and living and working together as one.

Over the last summer, Erikray had a paid internship at Integrated Data Storage in Milwaukee helping his boss enter data and make business decisions. He said he didn’t mind the work he had to do but doesn’t see himself doing that for the rest of his life.

In the process of exploring what he wants to do, some of his classes have taken him to some pretty cool places. For example, he recently had the opportunity to go to and hang out in the Detroit Lions’ football stadium for one of his classes.

Erikray says, “It was a cool experience getting to run around on the field and just hangout. I got out of there fast though cuz’ I spilt yogurt in the end zone.”

These are just a few of the things that Erikray has been given the opportunity to do since graduating from Arrowhead and he hopes to continue to do many more things.

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