High School Does Go By Fast

November 26, 2012
By JosieFalkowski SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
JosieFalkowski SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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“The difference between be a freshman and a sophomore, is we’re not the annoying ones anymore,” Lizzie, a sophomore said. Lizzie had just three things to say about the differences between last year and this year for her.

“We aren’t the little kids at South anymore. In a way we are in charge since the juniors are at North now,” Lizzie said.

Since the high school is split into two campuses, the sophomores become the only older kids freshmen know. This then gives sophomores the feeling of being in charge.

“It’s weird to look back and see how people and friend groups change in the last year,” said Lizzie. Her high school has many different feeder schools, with many different people. All schools coming together mean’s little middle school groups change.

“Sophomore year so far, also almost feels like, the year we all really are growing up,” said Lizzie.

Sophomore year is the middle year in high school, where kids aren’t the newbie, and not the king. Most times, sophomore year is the year where kids go into driver’s education or get a job. It’s the year most mature and become independent.

“You always think sophomore year is not a big deal, but already teachers are talking about collage and such things. It freaks me out sometimes,” said Lizzie.

Sophomore year is when teachers push their students to get prepared. Even if collage claim that they do not care so much for your first two high school years, they do. Sophomore year is one year away from junior year and junior year is when a student starts applying for collage.

“All I know is that, people were right. High school does go by fast,” said Lizzie.

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