Twitter Takeover

November 26, 2012
Internet social sites are what makes or breaks you in high school. From Facebook to Twitter, everyone knows more about you than most would want to know.

The internet also allows kids to mean, because they can say what they want to and not be afraid to.

Kevin Curwick, 18 year old boy, who make a @OsseoNiceThings (a Twitter account) in order to stop the bulling he sees.

Twitter is a social site where people tweet their own thoughts, or re-tweet someone else’s. People can also make personal tweets toward just one person.

“There were some nasty Twitter pages coming out, saying negative things about people at my school, “ Curwick said.

This is called cyber bullying, because it is used over the internet. But saying negative things over the internet can also blow up bigger than saying it face to face. Because when its on the internet, everyone can see it, instead of you just hearing it.

“So I created a nice page to help kids who were being attacked and other kids, who I thought could use a boost in confidence,” Curwick said.

Creating a page that can counter act the attacker can be helpful to end the whole thing together.

“People send me direct messages on Twitter with the complement for someone, and then I post them. I keep them anonymous,” Curwick said.

Doing such a small thing like this could maybe change the way people see themselves. Curwicks’s page helped make people more aware of what they say and do towards people.

“Using social media to complement people has really made cyber bulling uncool. It takes the power and attention away from the bullies. When I send out nice tweets, people re-tweet and (favorite) them four times as much as the negative ones,” Curwick said.

“Random acts of kindness work well on the internet. So instead of looking at people’s pictures to tear them down, see it in a different way. Complement them. And if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all”. Curwick said.

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