September 17, 2012
By TaylurNiccole BRONZE, Paducah, Kentucky
TaylurNiccole BRONZE, Paducah, Kentucky
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An amazing 577,190 people died of Cancer so far this year. There are many types of Cancer that we know of. Breast, prostate, brain and lung cancer are a few types of Cancer. Cancer is one thing everyone fears to have. I’ve had two people I’ve known dearly to have Cancer. One passed a way and the other beat it. She’s recovering from her surgery now.

I’ve recently had to deal with somebody who discovered she had breast cancer, go through multiple doctor’s appointments, and get rid of it. I’ve seen what it does to people and how it puts pressure on the people around them. It’s not something that anybody wants to go through. It broke my heart to find out she had it. It was a painful experience.

Here’s a little information I have gathered from the son:

Taylor: What did your mom go through?

Tucker: When my mom found what she thought was the cancer, she went to the doctor. They checked it out and said it needed to get a sample to see if it was cancer. So she ended up going in for an biopsy. The doctor ended up testing the wrong tissue and my mom got an infection. So, they couldn’t do another biopsy for a few weeks. After they got the test results back, they found out that she had two different types of breast cancer. My mom had her surgery at Vanderbelt. She had an Mastectomy (the surgeon removes a whole breast.) so it will be less likely in the future for her to have it again. She didn’t have to have another treatment of any kind and has to go in every month or so for physical therapy, and to begin the rebuilding.

I can’t imagine having a family member going through this terrible thing. It puts strain on family and friends around you. It would be hard to keep your head up when you get your women hood away. That’s the one thing that defines us females.

Taylor: During the process of your mom going through this, was it hard figuring what doctor to go to? How long did it take to recover?

Tucker: My mom went to multiple doctors for second opinions. She wasn’t sure about the surgery. She didn’t know what hospital was best suited for her surgery. She went to Vanderbelt about 5-6 times to see different doctors to see what they said was best to do. They were all saying the same thing, a full removal and reconstruction. When she went for her surgery, it took two days of recovery at the hospital before she could come home. When she did she had to have two drainage tubes on both of her sides. They were to keep the fluid from building up. About a month later she got them removed and is now starting her reconstruction.

Taylor: How’d it affect your family?

Tucker: It was really stressful. It was one of the worst things that could’ve happened to us. We didn’t know if our mom would live or die. It just seems like it was one thing after another. We didn’t know if we’d make it through as a family. It was had, but we somehow pulled through it.

As you can see from the things said above, cancer isn’t easy to deal with. You have mixed emotions, seems like everything is going wrong. There’s a bunch of stress on that family. It impacts not only the family members, but sometimes people outside the family. I don’t know what I’d do if my mother went through this. This is something you wouldn’t wish on anybody else. There’s a lot of things that goes a long with going through. The only thing that you can do for somebody going through cancer is to give them faith and let them know you’re there for them. If you have anymore questions about Breast Cancer or Cancer in general, you can visit or

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