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March 26, 2012
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Mockingjay93 BRONZE, Västra Frölunda, Other
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I had the privilege to do an interview with one of UK's talented make-up artists. She's worked with several famous models, singers and actors, can be seen in some of Max Factors commercials, have editorial features in major magazines and her make-up work can now been seen on the young British actress Georgie Henley in the latest issue of 1883 Magazine.

She is Caroline Barnes.

Alexandria - So first could you tell us a little about yourself?

Caroline Barnes - I grew up in Guildford [Surrey, England] and went to the Technical College to study Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing after I finished school.

I studied there for 3 years then I went to the London College of fashion for a further two years. I wasn't sure exactly which area in make-up I wanted to work in so being able to study, practise and explore this field set me in really good stead for my future.

AL - What made you want to become a make-up artist?

CB - I've always loved beauty. I experimented early with make-up and luckily my teenage years were in the 80's so I had great fun experimenting! I just love make-up products, the packaging, shades and cleaver mouldings. I have a box full of incredible compacts that I have never used but I just like to keep them in perfect condition.

I love women and find it a real buzz giving someone a burst of self confidence by teaching her how to make the best of herself, but I also am very passionate about creating stunning images and working with a team of people who have creative visions and ideas

AL - Yeah I can understand why, and it really is fun to experiment with make-up. I love finding new combinations of colours.

Now if I'm not mistaken, you're the UK ambassador for Max Factor. What does that mean?

CB - It means that I work alongside the PR team and try and communicate to the beauty Editors and general public on how to use and get the best out of the brand. Max Factor was a genius himself and I adore the heritage that comes with this brand. I have worked with them for 5 years now and love either producing commercials for them or inspiring the salesteam to get creative within there allocated stores.

AL - I have seen some of your commercials for Max Factor, and I haven't tried the products yet but you make it look so easy so I'm very tempted to.

Now in a photoshoot make-up could bring more power to the photo. Does the colours effect the lighting, and do you decide which colours to use on the spot or do you have a picture of the model and get the colours together ahead of time?

CB - The colours you use don't effect the lighting, you have to adjust your make-up to the effects of the lights. There is always a brief or story when you start a job and it is just up to everyone to bring their experience and ideas together in order to create something beautiful that the client or celebrity is happy with. You can't learn this a college it comes with experience, that's why assisting is so important so you can see how the shoot process works.

AL - Now you done the make-up for a lot of artists and big celebrities (such as Kylie Minogue, Prince, Diane Kruger, just to name a few) have you ever gotten starstruck?

CB - No actually I haven't. I get more surprised if I see someone when I least expect it. When you are working for celebrities its vital you are relaxed and respectful, getting starstruck would not be so professional.

AL - Yes I can understand that.

If you could choose anyone, is there any particular model or celebrity that you would love to work with?

CB - I just adore Cate Blanchett she is so utterly stylish gorgeous natural and dam talented!!!

AL - I can defiantly agree on that.

Now last year you did the make-up for the Narnia-actress, Georgie Henley's photoshoot for the British magazine 1883 Magazine [the issue is now in worldwide stores]. She looked absolutely amazing!

How was it to work with her?

CB - Georgie was simply delightful, she came with her Mum and was so polite and chilled actually just very normal, always refreshing!

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