Teske Swims into a Championship season with her team

January 25, 2012
By Haley Pietila SILVER, Hartford, Wisconsin
Haley Pietila SILVER, Hartford, Wisconsin
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Taylor Teske, a junior at Arrowhead High school is coming back for yet another year competing in the Girl’s Swim and Dive championship meets. These include Conference, Sectionals, and State. Last year she competed in the 100 back, which is what she’ll be swimming again this year. Watch for her and the Girl’s Arrowhead Swim and Dive team November 12th.
Answers by: Taylor Teske, Junior at Arrowhead high school
Q: Going into Conference, Sectionals and State what is the attitude on the pool deck?
A: “I would definitely say there are a lot of different emotions going around the pool. Each girl is different. Some are nervous and serene. Others are anxious and rambunctious. Every girl prepares herself and handles the pressure differently.”

Q: What helps ease your mind about intense meets such as these last three?
A: “Knowing all my hard work throughout the season will pay off at the meets and know my team is behind me 110% calms my nerves entering the high- pressure meets. Also, knowing that this is the point of the season that I have been training all year for gives me more confidence.”

Q: Does any of your past experience have an influence how you feel competing in Conference, Sectionals, and State starting October 22nd and going through November 12th?
A: “I definitely feel more confident entering these meets with experience. I know how to prepare my self and what to expect.”

Q: How do the upperclassmen on the team help when the season is drawing to an end: Kate Bednarke, Emily Dean, Kate French, Stephanie Hein, Kate Jones, and Haley Pietila?
A: “The upperclassmen have experience that they share with the younger classmen on the team, which helps a lot. They are there to give great advice and act as role models on the team.”

Q: Does the team do any fun activities together during the final four weeks of the season?
A: “During the weeks leading up to Sectionals/State we really come together as a team. We do more team-bonding activities and interact more with each other. Some examples would be our October Christmas exchange and Halloween Freight Hike. The October Christmas exchange is a new tradition as of last year. To add a little fun to the pool atmosphere, there’s one day where we act as if it’s Christmas. Everyone brings a gift to put under the tree and we sing to Christmas music and eat while enjoying being together as a team. We then do a gift exchange and if we have time, we get in the water for a quick workout. We also do activities to boost our motivation for the upcoming meets. We die our hair red, our parents make locker decorations and decorate our rooms, and we get together for one last big pasta party.”

Q: How would you describe Girl’s Swim and Dive High School State to someone who’s clueless about the sport on November 12th at the UW Madison natatorium?
A: “Swimming is a sport unlike any other; therefore, the state swim meet is the same exact way. The atmosphere on deck is incomparable to anything else. The feeling that your team has your back and supports you in every way is incredible. The emotions that are flying when we win is beyond belief. The whole experience is indescribable.”

The Arrowhead Girl’s Swim and Dive team has won the State Championship Title the past three years and looking to go for another gold this year. Go Hawks!

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