Students Help the World by Wearing TOMS

January 25, 2012
By heyabbby SILVER, Merton, Wisconsin
heyabbby SILVER, Merton, Wisconsin
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TOMS shoes are becoming more and more popular amongst teenagers and the little blue and white logo is peeking out all around Arrowhead High School. This brand of shoe is only getting bigger, so why do people buy TOMS?
Senior Mikkie Moore says, “People buy them for both reasons, but mainly because they feel they're doing a good deed.”
Junior Ashley Jakubowski loves her TOMS. She says she loves them “because when they first started to become popular, I never got the whole deal. Like they’re cute, but I never understood why so many people had them. So I went to go look at the shoes online and found out that when you buy a pair a pair is given to a child. Because of that I bought my first pair of TOMS. It may sound cliché to say but I felt like I actually accomplished a small good deed.”
TOMS spreads their movement and informs people by their “Day without Shoes.”
Jakubowski says, “I have heard a little about it. It's where you don't wear shoes for a day to support those who cannot afford shoes and help make a point across that something should be done about the issue. Kind of like a friendly protest.”
Moore says, “I know about that day, but I haven't participated. I would though.”
Maybe this shoe that is designed to look similar to a traditional Argentina shoe is just the hottest style “must-have” or maybe they are popular for the good feeling each person gets after sending a pair to child in need. TOMS were started by Blake Mycoskie because he wanted to create a better TOMorrow for the world.
Jakubowski says, “Honestly, I think a lot of people buy them because they are in style right now. If they were ugly, no one would have them. Plus you really don't have to do much; you buy a pair of shoes to benefit yourself. If they didn't donate a pair for every pair bought, people would still buy them.”
Senior Laurel Potteragrees that she thinks people buy TOMS “because they are in style.”
Potter says, “I like them, they’re expensive but totally worth it, I’d wear them if I had money.”
Jakubowski says, “They really aren't that expensive, some styles can be but about 50 or so bucks for a pair of shoes isn't bad at all. They last a long time and are really good, comfy shoes. It's worth the buy.”
Moore wears Bobs, a mock brand of TOMS. She isn’t exactly content with her fake TOMS saying that, “People buy TOMS because of the good cause, but also for the name brand. I'd rather be wearing TOMS than Sketchers.”
Moore says, “I think the price is good just because they are donating another pair of shoes.”
Many would agree that TOMS wouldn’t be as popular if they didn’t donate a pair of shoes to a child in need though.
Potter says, “No, I don’t [think they would be as popular.]”
However, Moore agrees: “I don't think they would be as popular.”
Senior, Kelly Kruschel disagrees with other students. She says, “I think TOMS are stupid. It’s nice that they give a pair to a kid in Argentina but their feet won’t even stay protected with that little amount of fabric that looks like an ace bandage and wears out right away. Also, the price is way too expensive; they should not be that expensive. I love shoes and know a lot about shoes, so I know that TOMS are cheap.”
Moore agrees that TOMS resemble ace bandages. “They do! They are ugly, but I would still wear them.”
Jakubowski laughs. “Ace bandages? I can see that. Personally though, I like them. They are comfy and I think they are cute. Everyone has their own opinion in things.”

TOMS are going nowhere but up and seem to really grab attention to teens.
Jakubowski says, “What is being done is a wonderful thing to do to help out children. To give someone a pair of shoes that may never had a pair before is quite touching. Also the fact that all that needs to be done is for someone to buy a pair of shoes to help out is nice. I think it does a lot more than what everyone really thinks.”

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