Life Underwater

January 25, 2012
By Haley Pietila SILVER, Hartford, Wisconsin
Haley Pietila SILVER, Hartford, Wisconsin
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Stephanie Hein, a senior at Arrowhead high school tells us about her sport of swimming on October 10, 2011.

Stephanie starts by saying,“ Swimming has negatively impacted my life because it gives me less time for homework and studying. I am not able to try multiple sports or belong to many school clubs because I have no time. It also is hard to have friends outside of the sport or relate to others. It is hard to wake up at five in the morning as well. Basically, it just consumes all of my time.” As Stephanie mentions how she is unable to relate to other Arrowhead seniors, most kids agree. Many say swimmers have a thing such as a “cult”. However, with spending as much time in the water together on the team as they do, it’s hard not to be apart of it, which probably remains true for other competitive sports too.

On the opposite side when asked how swimming positively has impacted her life. She replied,“ Swimming has positively impacted my life because through it I have met my best friends. These are people who will be in my life for the rest of my life, which is important. It gives me a support network of people who are just as insane as me who I also feel comfortable going to with any issues or problems. Swimming has given me amazing memories and a future. It will help me pay for college and get accepted. Lastly, it has taught me how to manage my time, work hard, be dedicated, and push through any and all pain.”

With spending as much time in the water as Stephanie does she said,“ There are days when I wish I could have picked another sport. Not necessarily because I don’t like swimming but because other sports look fun and I wish I could have tried them. But then I look at swimming and how unique it is and I love that I chose it.”

With her demanding schedule, she has a strict routine helping her manage school, swimming, and homework. “At 5:00 AM I wake up and eat breakfast while practice will start at 5:30 AM. After practice ends at 6:45 AM, I shower and get ready for an eight-hour day at school. After school ends at 2:35 PM I go back to the pool where I practice again from 3:00-5:00 PM. At the conclusion of the swimming portion of practice, I go to dryland for an hour. Finishing my day at Arrowhead around 6:10 PM. I go home to start my homework and when going to bed at 10:00 PM, I realize I’ll be doing the same thing again that week.”

With dedicating a great portion of her day to an over chlorinated pool, she was asked why she likes most about swimming. Hein replied,“ Being able to say I am a swimmer. I feel like that means something, not just to people inside the swim community, but outside as well. I like the hard work associated with being a swimmer.”

The only regret Hein has about joining swimming is “Not being able to try more sports and study and eat and sleep! And watch TV and shop. Or do whatever normal students at Arrowhead do after school who aren’t in a demanding sport.” Although when she looks at the big picture she is reminded of the friendships she’s made, college being paid for, and a dedicated lifestyle that not only applies in the pool but to the rest of her life.

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