December 12, 2011
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Today, I will be interviewing Carolyn T. I chose to interview her because she is an intelligent, humorous, and an interesting person. She was the first female Mayor of Boise, Idaho.
What was your favorite subject in school?
My least favorite subjects were math and chemistry, but I loved Reading and writing.
Did you do well in school when you were a kid?
In Junior High and High school I was almost always straight A’s
What college did you go to?
I graduated from the University of Idaho with the second highest grade point average in my class.
In your opinion was college a good experience?
The University of Idaho was a perfect choice for me, just the right size and not too far away.
What was your Major in college?
I had a double major in English and physiology.
What was your minor?
I had a double minor in French and Education.
What was your first choice in career? Why did you choose that?
My first job was at Arizona State. While I was in graduate school there, I taught freshman English. I was offered that job, and I accepted it because I could also work on my Masters degree at the same time.
How did you become the mayor of Boise, Idaho?
The city of Boise had a scandal and our current mayor was forced to resign. I was a member of the council, so they selected me.
Did you enjoy being the mayor of Boise, Idaho?
My promise to the community was that I would clean up the mess but would not run in the next election. I did that because I wanted the public to know that all of my decisions during this time would be deliberate, honest, and not political in any way.

In your opinion was being they mayor easy or hard to do?
It was the hardest job I ever had, but it was also the most wonderful and fulfilling job I ever had.
What was the hardest thing you had to do while being mayor?
That hardest task was firing several employees my first day on the job, and placing several other people on temporary leave. I did this because the former mayor had involved some staff members in his misdeeds.
Was being the mayor a stressful job to have?
Under the conditions that existed, the people of Boise had lost faith in the council. They were anxious to learn how this scandal could have happened, and what to do about it.
There was a lot of pressure on me to get the job done. I was on television and interviewed for the newspaper almost every day. In essence, I had no privacy.
Were you wakened in the middle of the night to go to work? Did it bother you?
I was always on call, so if there was a big fire, shooting, serious storm, I would get a call, no matter what time of day or night.
In your opinion do you think Boise, Idaho is a good town to live in? Why?
I think Boise is a fabulous place to live because we have a low crime rate, many parks outdoor activities, and usually lots of career opportunities.
Do you think the city of Boise is good at what they do?
I do know that we have always placed public safety first, and budgeted carefully for all the things our community needs.
What do you like to do on your free time?
I love to play golf, travel, read, and spend time with all of my family.
Are you retired?
I have retired twice. First from the Mayor’s office and then later Senator Risch asked me to work with him while he was Governor of Idaho. I served for almost one year as Director of Human Resources for the State of Idaho
Did you like working? Are you glad you don’t have to work any more?
Working keeps my mind active and allows me to stretch my skills and meet new people. I keep my options open for new possibilities because I love being involved. In the meantime I am very busy as a volunteer.
What is your favorite funny memory?
I always look for humor even in the worst situations. I try to have a good laugh every day. While I was mayor I was shopping in the book department in Costco. A woman kept following me and then asked me if I was a greeter at Wal-Mart, because I looked so familiar to her.
Carolyn concluded, “In my opinion times are very interesting right now. First I would love to see a greater emphasis on ethics and honesty in government. I would also like to see less emphasis on party politics, and greater cooperation among people in leadership positions. I am proud to have been the only woman to be the Mayor of Boise, and to this day I still am.” Carolyn is Intelligent because of her ability to get the city of Boise back on track. She is Humorous because of all the funny things she tries to pick out each day and laugh about. Last she interesting because of the amazing things she has done in her life: like being Mayor, teaching at Arizona State, and for all of the volunteer work she does every day.

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