December 6, 2011
By schwabe BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
schwabe BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Don Schwabe, senior, had lived an extremely fulfilling life in his younger years. As a boy, he grew up Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was a troubled youth, sadly, his mother died when he was only the age of nineteen. In fact, when he was nineteen, he had enlisted and fought in the army. Nevertheless, unlike all his brothers, he had a very thrilling and exciting childhood. Returning from the army, he became a postal clerk. And before he had done that, he had met my wonderful grandmother.
Shortly after, he had received a better position in transportation that took the place of his job as a postal clerk, and that’s where he worked for many years. Along with being very successful in his work, he parented his children well by helping them get through life and volunteering to coach their sports teams like no other parent would. Also, he went to night school just about a million times for six years to better his family. In addition, people from his work introduced him to his wife because they had wanted to find a special person for him. Truly, that was a very romantic moment in his life. Until now, his retirement has been with him since he was the age of sixty two years old.

Q.)Do you enjoy being retired, why?
A.) Yes and No. No, because I don’t make any money. Yes, because I enjoy the following activities: Playing the piano, spending many months in my garden, doing lots of reading, and seeing my grandkids.

Q.) Do you enjoy everyday feeling like a Saturday?
A.) At first I did not because I felt like I had to go to work everyday.

Q.)Name something that you despise about being retired.
A.) Not using my free time to the full extent.

Q.) While being retired, what is your favorite event to do on the holidays?
A.) Having all the grandkids around and having the ability to watch them have a fantastic time.

Q.) How does being retired influence your diet? Describe it.
A.) I have an average diet. I eat eggs and cereal in the morning, leftovers at noon, and grandma’s delicious dishes that taste like heaven in the evening.

Q.) While retired, do you interact with the people in your community very often? Explain.
A.) Yes, I have coffee with people, exchange valuable gardening information, and do some volunteer work.

Q.) Since your retired, are you influenced to go to bed earlier or later? Explain.
A.) I’m influenced to go to bed earlier because I love to read in bed and fall asleep peacefully. Then, wake up extremely early in the morning.

Q.) If you became retired with tons of money to spare, would your daily activities be different from how they are today? Explain.
A.) No, because I am comfortable with what I am doing today.

Q.) If you could live anywhere in the world during your retirement years where would you live and why?
A.) I would live in Oregon because I could view the pleasurable ocean and because I am also impressed by their state programs.

Q.) Imagine that you were not retired. What career would you want to have and why?
A.) A career as a forest ranger. I would choose this because I love the wildlife, scenic views, and outdoors.

Q.) When you became retired, what did you imagine this to be like?
A.) I had no idea on what to think. However, I did not have a negative or positive opinion on the fact.

Q.) Do you hope that you will live a very long life in your retirement years? Why or why not?
A.) No, I just want to be complacent and whatever happens to me happens. Also, the lord is looking out for me in mysterious ways.

Q.) As a retired senior, what do you want your outstanding grandkids to be able to remember from you in the mere future, knowing that you were retired when your grandkids were born?
A.) I want them to remember to experience life, use everything in moderation, and to be sure that they create their own destiny.

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