May 15, 2011
By girlygirly27 BRONZE, Forsyth, Georgia
girlygirly27 BRONZE, Forsyth, Georgia
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My mom is my hero and idol. I find her so interesting so I decided I would interview her to find out a little bit more about her. I began my interview by asking some childhood questions. What was her child hood nickname and why? She answered by saying her nickname was porkchop because she used to always want pork chop for dinner. I then asked my mom where she grew up and if she had any memorable childhood memories. She said she grew up in nashville Tennessee and that’s why my moms whole side of the family lives there. Then she said that her favorite childhood memory was when she used to play baseball in the front yard with her dad. My grandpa has now past away, so it’s a nice way for my mom to remember him. I proceeded to ask what my moms favorite sport was and if she played any sports. She said that she absolutely loved watching baseball. Her and her dad went to baseball games together all of the time. Although she loved baseball, girls cant play baseball so she played softball. She played from 1st to 9th grade. She wanted to go to college for it but unfortunantly she wasn’t good enough.

I care a lot about school and grades so I thought I would see if my mom and I had that in common. I asked her what was school like for you as a child? What were your best and worst subjects? Where did you attend grade school? High school? College? She said that she loved school as a child. She said that when she used to do something bad her teachers would hit them with a board. That’s so much different than the dicipline is now. She said her favorite subject was science. She always helps me with science because she is so good at it. She went to grade school at mountian view elementary. She went to higschool at kettle higschool. She got married very young so she never went to college, she went to work while my dad went to college.

My mom is a huge christian and puts god into our everyday life situations everysingle day, so I asked my mom what church she went to and what her religion was growing up. She said that she has been a baptist her whole life. My grandpa was a preacher so she went to his church everysingle Sunday. I have always wondered how my parents met. So I asked my mom when she met my dad, what they did on their first date and how long they dated before he asked her to marry him. My mom said that my dad was her next door neighbor but they werent actually friends till the very end of highschool. They went on their first date in 12th grade, he took her too that park. After dating her for a years he asked her to marry him. Throughout this whole interview I learned so much about my mom.

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