Scotty Hayes

May 12, 2011
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 “I always wanted to be a part of something big.” Was hisanswer when I asked him why he wanted to join? An Engineer was his dream. Iasked him how his childhood was and he replied, ” Rough. Growing up I had astick father but I got a lot of thing other people didn’t have.” Scotty was amiddle child. He had older brother to look up to and he had to be a good rolemodel for his younger brother. Before he joined the American marine core he hadkept a job at McDonalds for about 5 years. In high school he had good gradesand was talented at football. He joined when he was 19. “My Family members werereally supportive”. He said. Including me. I was really proud of him. He is my role model. He hasmade me consider even joining the military.  He joined the military with some friends but they’re not inthe same branch. I asked him what was training like and he said, “Extremelydifficult. The hardest thing I have ever done! But I love challenges!” I askedhim what was the most difficult thing for you when you left and he said,“Leaving my wife Sara.”  Sara isone of the most things he cares about. He got married to her on 1/1/11. When hecame back from 29 palms California, they had a beautiful wedding.  Scotty said that their livingconditions were horrible. He said “something no one would ever want to gothrough. His friends help lot though. They helped through training because wecouldn’t talk to him. We wrote letters back and forth. We could also sendpictures of his new cousin. He enjoyed talking to us cause he got reallylonely. If he could change anything, he would want to go to the airforce. Iasked him one thing the military has done for you and he said, “I don’t takethings for granted.” Before he was in the military he felt unwanted but thetruth is that we are so proud of him. He is a great and loving person and agreat husband to Sara. Sara is what he looks forward to coming home.

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