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May 11, 2011
Me: What is your name, age and job?
Mom: Lynn Hillier, 42, Co-Business owner

Me: What did you want to do when you were in high school and college?
Mom: I did not know specifically what I wanted to do but I wanted to something in the field of business management. I was interested in the larger enterprises like McDonalds, Enterprise Car Rentals and other larger companies that had business management in them.

Me: What was your first job out of college?
Mom: It was at a company called JLM Aviation. They sold parts for airplanes. My job was in a small company so I did things like purchasing, inside sales and accounting while the regular accountant was out. This job was not very good for me because it was slow paced and I work better when it busier. This happened during Operation Desert Storm so I could not leave this job to get another one because the economy was like it is today and hiring was slow then. I had this job for less than a year.

Me: What other jobs did you do after college?
Mom: After I left JLM Aviation I was working at Wilton Industries. Wilton was more on my career path. They made cooking products and other kitchen things. One of their departments was also picture frames. My position was Assistant to the Purchasing Manager and I helped the Purchasing Manager place orders and talk to the inventory control department so that we knew what we need sop we could place he orders for the things that we needed. The things that we would order for the inventory would be parts that I would have to make sure that they got there all in time an right the job was good. I liked this job. After Wilton industries I went to Van Den Bergh Foods Company. I went there because I got more money and furthered my career path at this job. When I first went to this job I was an Associate Buyer then went on to be a Buyer. This company was large so there were many products that I sold that you would see in the stores. I was in charge of buying the labels for the products and the packaging for the products. I also ordered the labels and packaging for the private brands. I liked this job. I left this job because they moved to New Jersey. After Van Den Bergh Foods Company I went to Embossed Graphics. There I was in the purchasing department then went to human resources and after that I ended up being one of the Vice Presidents of the company. Later on in the company I was laid off because of budget cuts. Then I went on with my husband, father, brother and close friend to start Classic Impressions. I am involved in all aspects of the company, including purchasing, human resources, customer service, material inspection, accounting and shipping.

Me: What job was your favorite?
Mom: There was something that I enjoyed at each job, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Van Den Bergh Foods Company.

Me: What job did you not like?
Mom: There were parts of each job that I did not like.

Me: What do you like about your job?
Mom: I like that the commute is very short and I also like that I can adjust the hours that I work and do not have to ask permission to adjust them.

Me: What do you not like about your job?
Mom: The financial side of things is stressful and the economy is challenging to our industry.

Me: What kind of education and training do you need for your job?
Mom: I think that my Business Management degree helped but also the things that I did in the other jobs also helped.

Me: What are the perks of your job?
Mom: That I am a boss so I can make decisions like when I can take time off and that I can take our Dog, Tanner, and my son, Trent, to work when I need to my job.

Me: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Mom: When we get complements back from our dealers and customers saying that they like our quality and the products that we make in our job.

Me: What job would you do other than your job?
Mom: I would be a preschool teacher in our church or some kind of athletic trainer in a fitness center.

Me: What is the most important part of your job?
Mom: Making sure that the orders are produced with the highest level of quality and accuracy and are shipped out in time.

Me: How has your job changed your life?
Mom: It has made me realize the perspective of business owners. I now know that everything that people think about them is different than what it is in my an other peoples jobs.

Me: What would you change about your job?
Mom: Be able to make an easier time of taking time off.

Me: Thank you for letting me interview you.

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