Life of a Project Manager Ahmed E.

May 11, 2011
Mr. Ahmed E. is a mechanical engineer working at Flotech Mechanical. He was born in Cairo Egypt, and has lived there for more than 30 years. Graduated in Cairo, Egypt, and he has four kids the oldest one is 15, and the youngest one is 6 months. I just have a few questions regarding what led him to his current job.

Hi, how are you?
Good thanks.
What is your career/job?
I’m a mechanical engineer project manager.
What did you want to be when you were a kid?
When I was a kid I always wanted to be an engineer, but I never knew what kind of engineer I wanted to be.
What college did you graduate from?
I graduated from Cairo University, in Cairo, Egypt.
Have you ever had another job?
Well I had the same job in a different company, but in that company I was the owner.
What skills or training you need to do well in your job?
You need to have management skills, and good leadership.

Do you like your job, and if you do what do you like about it? And if you don’t want don’t you like about it?
I like my job, because I have a flexible schedule (I can go home whenever I finish my work, and I can come to work from six o’clock a.m. to nine o’clock a.m.), and I get to help people.
What’s the difference between a good project manager and a bad one?
A good Project manager can lead a group, and actually accomplish something, but a bad project manager just tells people what to do and sits around, and nothing gets accomplished.
Is the Amount of money you make a suitable amount for what you do?
Do you plan on changing your career?
No, because I like what I’m doing.
Ok, thank you for your time.
No problem.

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