Ginger: As sweet as can be

May 4, 2011
By Anikachu333 GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
Anikachu333 GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
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She sat there typing away at about 85 words per minute. The clickity clack of her nails can be heard as soon as you entered the guidance office. Jingle bell rock played lightly in the room. And the guidance office smelled of warm coffee and chocolate. “What do you need baby?” She said with a radiant smile and instant warmness. I’ve seen a lot of secretaries, but I think Ms. Ginger Baltimore has to be hands down the friendliest. She makes the long wait at guidance bearable with her genuine act of caring. I sat there one the uncomfortable black chair and Ms. Baltimore continued to type away. *Ring Ring* The phones were ringing off the hook that day. “Hello there, Ginger Baltimore, Guidance what can I do for you? Uh huh. Uh huh. Yes, come in any time and I’ll be more then happy to help you.” Then she hung up the phone. “Would you like a lollipop baby?” She asked with a smile. “Are there any blue raspberries I asked her?”
“No but there is corn, cotton candy, and oh look mystery flavor.” I took the corn. Only because it’s sweet though and I needed some sugar. I was enjoying my corn dum-dum pop when Mr. Moore the English teacher and wrestling coach ran in. “Could I get my some uh grades he asked.” He sounded as if he ran all the way from his room to here. “Sure thing,” She said. “Who do you need.” Mr. Moore named about ten of his wrestlers and she printed them out for him. “Wow he can do that?” I asked her. “Well of course, he and other coaches come in all the time asking for their kids’ grades and transcripts.” About ten minutes later, Coach Reedy walked in. “I need to know where all my Varsity players are. Can you send down passes for them please? Tell them to meet me in the tower.” Ms. Baltimore sat there searching through the computer and wrote down pinkish orange passes for all the names Coach Reedy named. “Is it weird with your husband working at the same place as you and your kids going here too? I asked her.
“Well,” she said. “I love seeing my kids and my husband. I don’t see them much at home so the tiny bit I bump into them at work makes me happy. Sometimes my husband goes home earlier, sometimes I do. So it’s hard. It’s funny because we met the weirdest way. I remember back in college, I was sitting with my friends at the gym at our college, and he was playing, and I was like “Who is that.” She says cheerfully. “You know my kids got the basketball genes from me. I’m the better “baler” out of my husband and I.” I look around her desk and see pictures of her three kids. And two with her husband and her. “I don’t like taking pictures because I don’t think I’m photogenic. My kids got the photogenic genes like my husband. I think the only two good pictures I have ever taken are here, framed.” A student runs in and hands a transcript to Ms. Baltimore. “Make sure to turn this in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The deadlines like next week.” She says to Ms. Baltimore. “You send the transcripts out?” I asked her. “Yes, I get them from the counselors, alphabetize them, pack them, stamp them and ship em’ out. We got around…say 500 already!” I think in a course of day, Ms. Baltimore does a lot for us that we don’t notice and take for granted. She organizes everything to ensure that we have a safe trip to the next grade. And she not only organizes our transcripts, but does it with excitement. I think that her hospitality is what makes her different because I walked into Hylton high school about a week ago. Their guidance secretary was not even an ounce of gracious as Ms. Baltimore. I walked in and said, “Excuse me could I please get a registration packet.” And the lady really rudely said “Uh no. Your parents need to pick that up and you need an appointment.” She then asked what school I go to and I said “Brentsville.” And she said, “Well if you live here then why do you go all the way over there.” And the look on her face looked like I told her that I eat babies or something along that. I really appreciate how Ms. Baltimore is as cordial as can be. And her sweet, southern hospitality makes a visit to guidance as easy as painless as can be. “Okay Ms. Baltimore I’m on my way back to class.”
“Aww baby you’re leaving? Thank you for coming in today, have a nice weekend.”
And off I went leaving guidance with a smile on my face.

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