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March 28, 2011
By Elizabeth2910 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Elizabeth2910 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

Jose: The biggest influence in my life has been my cousin Salvador Ramos.

Why is he your biggest influence?

Jose: Well my cousin never had negative thoughts he is always positive he is now becoming a grate success in his life with work and still staying in his studies not going out late never smoking or drinking always obeying his parents giving me positive thoughts about life.

What lessons did they teach you?

Jose: they thought me how to respect my parents and never to give up and my school work and all that stuff and in real life to like in relationship and all that stuff.

Why do you think those lessons were important?

Jose:Well one thing is the academic reason my cousin told me never to give up and he will always talk to me about positive things and that just made me thing one day and made me change myself into a whole different person and now I am doing all my work and staying home and doing all my work staying home doing my homework for 3 or 4 hours a day and now I am currently on the honoral at my middle school.

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