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March 27, 2011
By Priscilla1231 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Priscilla1231 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Priscilla: How was it when you where a child or teen and you found out that your mom was dying?
Stephanie: Umm... it was very very very hard for me because i was a…. young adult when I found out she was dying and… Umm…. I think it was the hardest thing I had to embrace in my life, yes.
Priscilla: When I was born did it kind of cheer you up?
Stephanie: ….. When you were born it kept my mind off of it, didn’t cheer me up just kept my mind off it...
Priscilla: But like what was the hardest thing when you were informed about her dying?
Stephanie: Umm… knowing I wouldn’t have a mother anymore, I think that was the hardest thing. And no body to help me with my first child, I had no help I had to basically do all of it on my own. It was a rude awakening
Priscilla: How about when Alena and Alex where born?
Stephanie: Hmm it got a little easier.
Priscilla: Would you say you had good memories with your mom?
Stephanie: Umm. I had a lot of good memories but from when I was a child and when I was younger. I don’t remember much from when I got older...
Priscilla: Can u explain one?
Stephanie: What good memory? Umm. My mom taking us, taking me and my sister when we were small to the park and barbecuing like once a month in the summer time and her coming to all my gym shows ‘cause I was in gymnastics, and her taking us to the movies once a month… that’s about it
Stephanie: So you want me to be perfectly honest… this this is too hard for me, I’m not the type of person that could be honest and tell my feelings... because I have been hurt to many times in my life. But when my mom passed away all I wanted to do was DIE. But I couldn’t do that because I had a beautiful daughter Priscilla that I had to stay perfectly healthy for and take care of and then two years later Alena came then two years after that Alex came. Then I slowly started to feel better about living and all that… so I’m still here. And I’m still taking care of you guy’s right…. I’m still trying. Every day is really hard but I keep going...
Priscilla: Well I have all my questions answered... thanks for answering these questions for me mommy. –Big smile to my mom-
Stephanie: Your welcome honey I love you.

The author's comments:
this interview really made me cry when i was talking to my mom. i really can see how she felt and i am happy that she stayed healthy for me my little brother and sister.

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