Dreams to Reality

January 17, 2011
“It’s like being in a different world”, says student and guitar player Matt. Matt is a student at Arrowhead High School and the lead guitarist of the local band, Home Torn. Matt, being one of the originators along with drummer Brandon, says that his for years was to become famous in a band. Well he said that this dream is now in reach.

Matt said that he has been influenced since he was a young boy. Starting at age 7, Matt was inspired by legendary rock band AC/DC. Although his style of music has evolved they still had a great impact on him. He is now influenced by more punk bands such as; The Used, Senses Fail, and Rise Against.

When Matt first started playing with Brandon it was for fun, until Rhythm guitarist Tyler was introduced to the band. After he joined they started their hunt for a singer. They searched, but there was not one singer they could find. Then one day they found, “The diamond in the rough”, says Matt, referring to their singer Alex. And that’s exactly what he is. They found Alex on a website called, Milwaukeerocks.com. Matt says, “Thank God for Milwaukeerocks.com”, because of its impact on the band.

After Alex joined they started recording originals. In only a short time they had completed multiple songs. And the icing on the cake is Green House Records a record company. Nate, brother of Brandon, is friends with an administrator of this record company.

“It’s like having your dream on a silver platter.” Matt says with excitement knowing that he is close to his dream. All though they are so close they have a lot of work ahead of them. Matt says they must complete a couple more songs before any signings occur, but they get shows set up for them.

A childhood dream turns into a major goal for Matt as he fights to get what he wants. He has a large journey ahead of him, but he is determined to reach his goal in becoming a famous musician.

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