School Nurse Clears North Prairie of Lice

January 4, 2011
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Wendy Fleck, 45, lives in Mukwonago and works as a school nurse at North Prairie Elementary.

This time of the year Wendy checks kids for lice in the school. While each kid is pulled out of class, she fingers through his or her hair with her rubber gloves looking for white microscopic eggs.

Not only does the strong smell of latex give her a headache, looking for these eggs drains her adding to her headache.

Kids come and go and she doesn’t see too many cases of lice. However, if a kid has lice she makes sure to check their siblings, if they have any.

With only five kids out of the whole school having lice, Wendy was approaching her last two classes to check

As she was searching through a girl’s full head of black thick hair she could see traces of nets. The girl had lice, but wasn’t itching because she had such a full head of hair. Wendy began trying to explain to the girl she had lice when the girl told her that she knew she had it and so did her mom. The girl was telling Wendy she picked the white eggs out of her mom’s hair each night.

Wendy then makes sure to check this girl’s siblings. Her brother didn’t have lice because his hair was too short. However, her sister happened to have lice too.

Each time there was a reported case of lice, Wendy was calling the child’s parents to inform them and have them picked up from school. But this mother was not happy.

Within a few minutes, Wendy was looking out the window to see a woman storming through the doors of North Prairie School.

“Hello ma’am how are you?” says Wendy.

The woman starts yelling at her in Spanish, throwing her arms up in the air and pointing to her girls’ hair with lice.

“No hablo espanolo,” says Wendy.

As the lady keeps getting more and more irritated with the school nurse, Wendy decides to call a teacher who could speak Spanish to help translate what this woman was saying.

After her friend had translated, Wendy learned the woman thought Wendy was discriminating against her children because they were Mexican.

“No no no your girls have beautiful hair. There’s just lice in it, and I want to help you guys. But no hablo espanolo.”

Before Wendy knew it, the woman was storming out of North Prairie dragging her kids with. And as Wendy was taking attendance the next few days, she saw the three kids were missing. The woman had pulled her kids out of the school and moved.

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