The Religious Struggle of Tasha Wilson

November 1, 2010
By Tete1995 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Tete1995 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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The Person I am interviewing is a woman named Tasha Wilson. Tasha Wilson is a 23 year old woman with two children, one five month old, Taneja Wilson-Pats and one 5 year old Tania Wilson-Jones. Tasha Wilson lives with her grandmother due to the death of her mother and absence of her father. Tasha Wilson works as a co-manager at McDonalds. Tasha has the history of DUI, jail time for excessive drinking then driving and drug abuse. While Tasha did jail time, her grandmother raised Tania Wilson-Jones for the first 3 years of her life. Tasha Wilson’s grandmother, Anna Mabel Wilson, says Tasha is the way she is because she was raped as a child. Currently, Ms. Wilson is known for having sexual intercourse with numerous and random men. This is proven correct because she has two children with different daddies. Tasha Wilson was not living a “holy or sanctified” life. Tasha recently decided to start going to church to get better. These decisions lead me to ask Tasha Wilson about her religious life now.
Tierra: Ms. Wilson what is your personal outlook on God?
Ms. Wilson: “My personal outlook on God is that he is the creator of everything. He has control over everything physical, mental, and spiritual. You can be anywhere and he will know where you at. He someone that you can’t replace. He is special. He is different from anyone.”

Tierra: What is your relationship with God?
Ms. Wilson: “My relationship with God is that he is my friend. He is my counselor. He is my shelter. He is my mother since she died. He is my father since he left when I was 2. He is my grandpa since he died from cancer. He is my grandma since she is getting ill and close to death. He is my cousin since I don’t have any. He is my boyfriend since I can’t choose one of my ***** *** babies daddy. He is my husband until I get married. He is my uncle. He is my auntie. He is my everything since I hardly got anybody else. He is my teacher since I dropped out of school when I got pregnant by them ********. He was my preacher until I went to church. He is who I pray with and to. He is the music I sing, dance to, and hear. It is nothing that he is not.”

Tierra: Do you think that what you do behind the doors of your home is holy?
Ms. Wilson: “Behind the doors of my home, I’m not as holy as I am at church. I have sex with my boyfriend. I say that I can be more holy than I am but this **** is hard. I need to work on cursing too. I have two different daddies for my kids and that’s not good. I know I’m not that holy behind the doors of my home but Ima try to be.”

Tierra: What do you do that you know is a sin?
Ms. Wilson: “I have sex with my boyfriend and we not married. I gossip a lot. I talk about people. I steal occasionally from my grandmother but she don’t need it. I drink everything. I smoke weed, all types are good *** ****. It smell too good. But you don’t know nothing about that. I sniff crack, you that white ****. I take X when I’m at the clubs every Friday and Saturday. I curse people out often. They get on my **** nerves. I can’t stand ***** and ****. Ima work at it though. I pray I get delivered from it.

Tierra: Do you believe that you would go to heaven?
Ms. Wilson: “I believe that I won’t go to heaven if I continue to sin. I sin a lot Tierra. I sin a lot a lot. The things I do are very bad. I curse a lot, fight a lot, I smoke. I drink. I ****. It’s just a lot of sin. I hope you be better than me and go to heaven. I really want to go but I know I will never go. Ima pray about it. Ima pray for deliverance from sin. Once I get rid of this sin, I good to go. You feel me? Like I would be on point. I really really want to go to heaven; you know to make my kids proud.

Tierra: What are your religious goals in life?
Ms. Wilson: “My religious goals? Aw, my religious goals are to Christian all my kids. I want all my kids to be Christian and nothing else like that catholic ****. If my kids are something else I would be dead. Another goal I got is to go to heaven and to be with God forever in heaven. You know that everlasting life stuff. I want to have a better relationship with God. I want the Holy Ghost in me. Even though I don’t know what it is. But you know. I heard other people say they got the Holy Ghost. So I want it too. I really ain’t got no other goals.

Tierra: What religious practice do you do daily and why?
Ms. Wilson: “Religious practice? Um……..well like I pray sometimes. I got to church every other service every other month. I stay for a hour but no more than 2 hours because I get sleepy. I read my bible a day in my life. Well once when I was 6 and my grandma was reading, I read Psalms 100 with her but then once alone. Other than that nope. I only got to church every other service and month because them old women be judging me. I never read the bible because all it do is tell me stuff I do wrong as my friend LaShandra told me when she was in jail, in the jail church.

Tierra: Why do you think people choose to love God?
Ms. Wilson: “People choose to love God because he is awesome. He does everything for everybody. He is able to do everything. There is nothing he can’t do. You can be in the most down mood but he would change your whole view on things. Once I started back talking to God, things got better. I put my oldest in the children choir. God expresses love in a powerful way. God’s love is everlasting. You can stop or get rid of his love. If you tried, it wouldn’t work. People choose to love God because it’s not mandatory. It’s your decision if you want to follow God. I decided to follow God and I have been working on doing better. Once I get better my love will officially be real. I heard someone say for God so love the world he gave his only begotten son. So I believe God loves me and I love him.

Ms. Wilson Last remarks: “Thank you so much for talking to me Tierra. You have inspired me to do bigger and better things with my life. I never looked inside of me like I did today. I love that you’re excited about God. Thank you for everything. God bless the mother of you child because you wise. See you later. Love ya sweetheart!”

After I talked to Ms. Wilson, I realized that she wants to get better. Despite all her sins and flaws, she tries to get better. We shouldn’t judge someone based off their past. If we did, people such as Ms. Wilson would go to the wrong thing for comfort. Ms. Wilson wants to better her life religiously. She wants to get a better understanding of God. Tasha Wilson showed me that you can be struggling and almost on your way to Hell but if you get to God, you can make it.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for two reasons, it was an assignment and I felt people should hear Tasha Wilson testimony.

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