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June 23, 2010
By Kristen_Jean GOLD, Bloomer, Wisconsin
Kristen_Jean GOLD, Bloomer, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"I walked away,
not because I wanted to leave,
but because I wanted to see if you would try to catch me.
And when you didn't,
I had the strongest urge to turn around and come back...again.
But I didn't.
I just kept on walking."

My name is Alyssa R. I live in Wisconsin. I am nine years old and I am in fourth grade. I like to color, bead, write, swim, and bike. I have a little, black dog named Little Bear. He is the size of a meat loaf according to my ah-mazing cousin Kristen (aka my ghost writer). My favorite colors are lime green, hot pink, white, and sky blue. I like to watch "Wizards of Waverly PLace", "Victorious", and "Spongebob". My favorite movie genre is horror movies. My favorite movies are "DIsaster Movie", "Hush Little Baby", and "Hide and Seek". When I grow up I want to be an artist or a special education teacher. SOmething cool about me is I have a hot pink streak in my hair. I like to learn and observe diferent things. And I hope to get a new bike at "Bike and Sport", the bike store in Eau Claire.

The author's comments:
My cousins biographhy written by me.

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