Firechild: Unleashed

June 18, 2010
By , Springfield, VA
Three score and twelve years ago, a hero granted powers by the blazing yellow star, roamed the earth. This archetypal superhuman trotted through the alleys and trails of the planet, perpetually blending in as if he were an average specimen. He possessed powers that mortals of the earth greatly envied, and wanderers were left dumbfounded by his peculiar behavior. The veins along his fists raced down his wiry muscles; as his mighty chest was proudly broadcasted to an admiring crowd. He proudly flaunted the skin-hugging red spandex that molded along his body, and the cape nested on his shoulders which were showcased to the world. This abstruse embodiment is named Superman. But, I like to call him Richard Priest.
I’m pretty convinced that the reincarnation of Superman is my chemistry teacher.

At first glance, Richard Priest does not look like Superman.
As I enter his lair, I am instantly greeted with a radiant smile that easily rivals the sun’s brilliance. It is genuinely kind, not splattered on and worn. His blue-green eyes are as luminous as the ocean; you instantly become lost at sea. His striking silvered hair shimmers with beaming lights, accentuating the streaks of hair that are kissed to perfection. His polished platinum spikes are cleaved in an everlasting part, then, tenderly casted to the side. He’s Frank Sinatra meets Albert Einstein, the devilish good looks with the brains to back it up. He makes Anderson Cooper’s hair look amateurish, as he flaunts his gunmetal grey spikes. Which explains why grown men are envious of his sophisticated demeanor, and gals squeal with delight in his presence. He’s truly a man living the life.

Superman is a daredevil. He gets emphatically high on an adrenaline rush; easily lured by the
aroma of danger and excitement.
And, ironically, Richard Priest is just as a thrill-seeker. “I was on a skydiving team in college,” he says. He states this nonchalantly, as if every other mortal on the planet has achieved this very act. “I’ve also been parachuting, and I’ve done ballooning,” he adds. Yep, this man obviously likes flying in the air. Which makes you wonder, what has this man not done? “Bungee jumping, I’d really like to do that,” he replies. “Oh…and I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut,” (To fly to Planet Krypton, no doubt).

The Man of Steel flies through the air with the greatest of ease. And, coincidentally, so does
Richard Priest.
“The best experience of my life was when I flew…I loved it,” he says. His eyes instantly illuminate as he reminisces the experience, until finally reaching his complete chimerical state. “I was a completely different person when I flew…I had changed,” he adds. He exhales his breath filled with much passion and affection, prideful of his achievements in the past years. “The change is forever,” he adds. Yes, Richard Priest, Superman had changed forever.

The Man of Tomorrow is bold and insightful. He clashes with villains without a single air of
concern; and uses his strategic tactics to surpass upcoming challenges that arise.
Richard Priest serves as quite an extraordinary man. “The definition of courage is being able to do what you’re supposed to do when you are scared to death,” he tells me. “Everyone gets scared.” “But, if you are confident in yourself, and you are confident in the person to the left and right of you, then you can ultimately become successful.” His courageous philosophy astounds my ears, this man is truly intellectual. But, what he says next hits right at home. “I have this plaque in my room that says ‘in a hundred years from now, it doesn’t matter what car I drove, or, what kind of house I lived in, or how much money I had, but it might make a difference if I had made a difference in someone’s life.’” I’m convinced that Richard Priest is a man that is well beyond his years. And, this is greatly reflected in the classroom. He teaches with a fiery passion, an ignited flame that ceases to dim. I imagine other teachers to be extremely covetous of the fervor in his work; and his love for enriching the sculpted minds of tomorrow. “My job is to make a difference in someone’s life,” he explains. “It’s how I carry my philosophy.”

Superman possesses unlimited strength and stamina. And, Richard Priest is quite athletic as well.
“One day I had a physical fitness test…and I beat out every Junior Officer in the battalion,” he proudly states. He smiles that triumphant smile of his, as his eyes follow its example. My eyes abruptly linger at the arms that speak with silent words. His arms were like a rolling hill, the highest elevation were simply; his biceps. It concurs the thought that this fitness guru probably performs exercises that are unnatural for men his age. “I got a little respect afterwards,” he chuckles. He then gazes in thought, and adds “you know, I’m a very lucky person.” Yes, Richard Priest, Superman is quite lucky.

So, as he settles on the squeaky chair of his, I imagine him to wear that mask of determination, of purpose, boldly aligning his two arms by his waist, and brandishing his neck above a crowd. I imagine him to wear the ill-fitting cape and suit; standing brazenly, exposing a true face of dignity.

And now, I only wait for him to shred his shirt, and reveal that Large Red S spattered on his chest, which will only confirm my suspicions.
To me, he’ll always be that mighty man of courage, concealed behind that white lab coat in class.
He’s truly a man like no other; he genuinely cares for the future of the country, and making an impact on someone’s life. He’s the best role model that a student could ever ask for; he’s the man on a mission.
But, most of all, he’s my Superman: he’ll never stop flying.

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