Ros High School's Clash of the Classes

April 26, 2010
By Pantsman SILVER, New York, New York
Pantsman SILVER, New York, New York
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Interview with Dolcey Uxe, RHS OCC Student Representative:

Q: Here at RHS, there has been a lot of buzz recently about this event called, “Clash of the Classes.” Can you please describe what the event is about?
A: It’s about – each class, like freshmen and sophomores, are going to be competing against each other in different athletic games, and academic events, too.

Q: Whose idea was it to reinstate the Clash of the Classes, and why?
A: I’m pretty sure it was Riko Berberg who decided we should have a little more school spirit, so she decided we should do Clash of the Classes.

Q: Do you think that a lot of kids will have enough spirit to take part in the event?
A: I do. We actually have a lot of school spirit and people have been asking for events such as Pajama Day and others, so I think this is going to be really fun.

Q: Do you know what each grade is going to do to show their spirit?
A: There’s gonna be a week where each grade dresses up with a theme, but I’m not sure which grade is doing what.

Q: Who decides which students lead each grade?
A: Yeah, for some games, people are gonna have to try out to be leaders, and others, people are going to be voted for or elected.

Q: Do the teachers participate at all in this event?
A: I don’t think so.

Q: Are there any judges for this event? And if so, who will judge?
A: The teachers, maybe?

Q: When does Clash of the Classes start? Which events are on specific days?
A: I don’t know the specific events, but I know Clash of the Classes starts on May 21.

Q: Since you are a member of the O.C.C., what special responsibilities do you have for the Class of the Clashes event?
A: I’ m not on the Clash of the Classes committee; I’m on a different committee, so not so much. I think I’ll help organize the event a bit.

Q: Who is in the Clash of the Classes committee?
A: I know Riko Berberg is. Hm… I’m not really sure.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add to RHS students about the event?
A: They should all come and show their school spirit. It’s gonna be fun. And they should try out for the leadership spots for different games!

The author's comments:
Starting this year at Ros High School, there is going to be a new annual school event called “Clash of the Classes.” The event, which lasts for more than a week, gives students a chance to show their school spirit and teamwork as a class. The event pits freshmen against sophomores against juniors against seniors to show which grade really rules the school. There will be different academic and athletic games for points in the Clash. Whichever grade performs the best will win! So come on, Ros students! Here’s the chance to show your school spirit and prove you’re the best!

Dolcey Uxe is a freshmen member of the O.C.C., the school’s Organization of Class Councils, which is advocating and organizing the Clash of the Classes.

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