Interviewing My Uncle

April 21, 2010
By Will P BRONZE, New York, New York
Will P BRONZE, New York, New York
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Interviewing My Uncle- Public Relations
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I interviewed my uncle, Josh, to see what it was like to be a Public relations worker. It was very exciting to learn all of these things about a job that sounds like a lot of fun. I am grateful to Josh for taking the time to inform me on the various topics on his career.

What exactly does a Public Relations worker do?

What we do is marketing. We find a third party to endorse a company’s product. These third parties can be magazines, bloggers, or reporters. Also, if a company has a tainted product we help communicate to the public.

How do companies find you or visa versa?

We are a young company. Most of our clients are found through referrals. We also won PR week- so several companies found us through that.

What difficulties do you have in getting companies to accept your ideas?

A lot of companies- especially older ones- are not comfortable with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace.

What techniques do you use to inform the public about company’s new products or ideas?

We use press releases- or a news story- and sent them to newspapers, reporters, or magazines and if they think it is interesting they will do a report on it. We also pay celebrities to endorse the product.

Are you usually rejected or welcome by businesses in your line of work?

We only go after clients that need us. We are a small business so we don’t go after businesses that already have clients. We compete with global businesses. We have great employees and to make sure that they don’t leave, we don’t cold call so everyone stays excited.

What skills would a person interested in this line of work need to succeed?

Writing, creativity, and they need to be aware of trends and media stuff.

What precautions did you take in high school and college to make sure you got where you are today?

I didn’t plan on doing this until after college, but I would say that I wrote a ton which helped me a lot in my line of work.

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