Tim S. the Chemist

April 21, 2010
By Courtney S. BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Courtney S. BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Tim is the lead chemist at Cabot microelectronics. He is in charge of the laboratory computer system, and the quality control lab. His company makes pads and slurries that are then used to make computer chips in Japan.
How did you pick your job?
“My second year in college, I was taking organic chemistry. I did really well and decided to change my major to chemistry. I looked in the newspaper and found a chemistry job that was close to home. I was unhappy with my current job and was excited at the prospect of not having to commute for over an hour.”
What education did you need for your job?
“Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry”
What was your job interview like?
“We interview a little differently at Cabot Micro Electronics. The interview is conducted by a panel that asks you behavioral questions. Behavior questions are open ended questions aimed and understanding key behaviors for the job. For example they might ask about leadership skills, attention to detail, or communication.”
How does your job affect other countries?
“I work with people in Japan, Taiwan, and Europe.”
How does your job affect your life?
“Well sometimes I have to travel and be away from my family.”
Where do you travel?
“Asia mostly but I have also traveled to Europe”
Would you suggest your career path to an eighth grader? Why?
“Yes, but only if they are interested in math and science, especially biology.”
Do you enjoy your job? Why?
Yes I do for several reasons; I am the boss, and I feel the work that I do makes the company more successful.

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